1995-05-30 roland(server-interfaces): Removed notify and device_reply...
1995-05-28 kenner(21064:Windows_NT:50:3): New case.
1995-05-27 meyering.
1995-05-27 meyeringCast RHS to const unsigned char * to avoid error from...
1995-05-27 roland.
1995-05-27 roland.
1995-05-26 roland(_hurd_internal_post_signal): Don't loop to check pendi...
1995-05-26 rolandNew file.
1995-05-26 rolandNew file.
1995-05-26 rolandOnly notify the proc server for SIGCHLD when the SA_NOC...
1995-05-26 meyeringRemove trailing white space.
1995-05-25 roland.
1995-05-23 rolandCopyright years updated.
1995-05-22 rolandUpdated from ../gpl2lgpl.sed /home/gd/gnu/lib/regex.c
1995-05-21 meyering[LIBC_]: Do include string.h.
1995-05-21 roland(ld.so): Use -nostartfiles in addition to -nostdlib.
1995-05-21 meyering.
1995-05-21 meyeringDon't include <string.h> at all.
1995-05-20 roland.
1995-05-20 rolandIn cthreads case, handle args on stack from kernel.
1995-05-19 rolandFix "cvs commit" cmds in rules to not fail in the absen...
1995-05-19 rolandFix "cvs commit" cmds in rules to not fail in the absen...
1995-05-19 rolandFix "cvs commit" cmds in rules to not fail in the absen...
1995-05-19 rolandDon't call __mach_init.
1995-05-19 roland(LDFLAGS-$(interface.so)): Add -nostartfiles.
1995-05-19 roland(__libc_init): Never call _init/_fini; just run __libc_...
1995-05-19 roland(LDFLAGS-c.so): Add -nostartfiles.
1995-05-19 rolandMove defaulting of --with-elf and --with-gnu-* based...
1995-05-19 roland(localedir, nlsdir): New variables.
1995-05-19 roland(headers): Add values.h.
1995-05-19 rolandNew file.
1995-05-19 roland(distribute): Add error.h.
1995-05-19 rolandInclude "error.h".
1995-05-18 roland.
1995-05-17 rolandMerged 1003.2 locale and localedef programs by Ulrich...
1995-05-17 rolandUpdated from ../gpl2lgpl.sed /home/gd/gnu/lib/regex.c
1995-05-17 rolandUpdated from ../gpl2lgpl.sed /home/gd/gnu/lib/regex.h
1995-05-17 roland.
1995-05-17 rolandUpdated from ../gpl2lgpl.sed /home/gd/gnu/lib/regex.c
1995-05-17 roland.
1995-05-17 roland(headers): Add regex.h.
1995-05-16 rolandExpect macro LOCALE_PATH to be defined, instead of...
1995-05-16 rolandRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1995-05-16 rolandRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1995-05-15 bothner* config.guess: Recognize Cray90 (from Pete TerMaat).
1995-05-15 roland.
1995-05-13 erichAdd configuration for semi-hosted ARM.
1995-05-13 roland(os=gnu*): Always set elf=yes, not just for os=gnu...
1995-05-12 roland.
1995-05-12 roland(ELFMAG, SELFMAG): New macros.
1995-05-12 roland(_hurd_alloc_fd): Don't reduce FIRST_FD in
1995-05-12 dje(vxworks29k): New alias.
1995-05-12 roland(_hurd_alloc_fd): When expanding the dtable, make sure...
1995-05-12 bothnerRecognize PCs running Solaris2. Also, some cleaning...
1995-05-11 rolandmisc
1995-05-11 roland.
1995-05-11 roland.
1995-05-11 roland.
1995-05-11 roland(RETURN_TO): New macro.
1995-05-10 rolandRegenerated
1995-05-10 roland(install-lib.so): Add %.so for each %_pic.a.
1995-05-09 roland.
1995-05-09 meissnerAdd powerpc little endian support; Add powerpc variants...
1995-05-09 roland(__data_start): Define this symbol as the first thing...
1995-05-09 rolandmisc fixes
1995-05-09 roland(_strerror_internal): Eschew sprintf.
1995-05-09 rolandNew file.
1995-05-09 roland.
1995-05-09 rolandGive two operands to `testl' when they are the same.
1995-05-09 roland(config.make): Depend on config.status, and run it...
1995-05-09 roland[$(sysd-Makefile-sysdirs) != $(sysdirs)] (sysd-Makefile...
1995-05-08 roland(PT_MIPS_REGINFO): Fixed typo in comment.
1995-05-08 roland.
1995-05-08 roland.
1995-05-08 roland.
1995-05-06 roland(+gccwarn): Add -Winline.
1995-05-06 rolandFixed typos in last change.
1995-05-06 roland(_hurd_internal_post_signal): If SS->context is set...
1995-05-06 rolandDon't set SS->intr_port from SS->context.
1995-05-06 rolandDon't set SS->intr_port when setting SS->context.
1995-05-06 rolandMisc fixes in new rtld code.
1995-05-05 roland(errsystems.c): Comment out generation rule.
1995-05-05 rolandConsider a system unknown if its bad_sub member is...
1995-05-05 rolandAdd weak alias to non-__ name.
1995-05-05 kennerAdd more NetBSD cases: atrai, sun3*, and mac68k.
1995-05-04 roland.
1995-05-03 rolandFixed broken test in last change.
1995-05-03 roland(_dl_catch_error): Actually call the OPERATE function...
1995-05-03 roland(_HURD_HANDLE_IOCTLS): Use __attribute__ ((__unused__...
1995-05-03 rolandSuperseded by ELF scheme.
1995-05-03 rolandNew files.
1995-05-03 rolandNew files.
1995-05-02 roland(distribute): Added hurdstartup.h.
1995-05-02 rolandRemove _hurd_startup decl.
1995-05-02 rolandCall _hurd_alloc_fd to expand the table if FD2 doesn...
1995-05-02 rolandReturn the RLIM_NOFILE soft limit, not the current...
1995-05-02 roland.
1995-05-02 roland(SNARF_ARGS, CALL_WITH_SP): Rewritten.
1995-05-02 roland.
1995-05-02 roland.