2001-04-11 drepperAvoid redefinition warnings.
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 ajUpdate.
2001-04-11 aj(initial_tests): Protect FE_TONEAREST declaration.
2001-04-11 drepperIf we compile RPC thread safe, allow rpcgen to generate...
2001-04-11 drepperAlso add tests for wide char function of new locale...
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 drepper(__assert_fail): Change error string. It's most of...
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 drepper(fexcept_t): Change default type from struct to unsigne...
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 drepperUse the standard DL_FIND_ARG_COMPONENTS if __ASSUME_STD...
2001-04-11 drepper(__ASSUME_STD_AUXV): Define for newer powerpc kernels.
2001-04-11 drepper(_dl_show_auxv): Print new AT_* values.
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 drepperStack information for SH.
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 drepper(testandset): Fix a reverse test.
2001-04-11 drepper(__pthread_spin_lock): Fix a reverse test.
2001-04-11 drepper(run_test): Free locale object after use.
2001-04-11 drepper(run_test): Forgot one character class.
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 drepper(run_test): Add tests for locale objects.
2001-04-11 drepper(__newlocale): Correct setting __ctype_b, __ctype_tolow...
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 drepperFix definitions of __tolower_l and __toupper_l.
2001-04-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-11 drepperAdd deltas for tgamma to help the lousy AMD FPU.
2001-04-11 drepperCorrect typedefs.
2001-04-11 drepperDelete wrong stuff.
2001-04-11 drepperAdd sys/ptrace.h.
2001-04-11 drepperptrace definitions for Linux/PPC.
2001-04-11 drepper(_dl_map_object_deps): Provide complete error message.
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepperUndo last change.
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepperExport __libc_ia64_register_backing_store_base.
2001-04-10 drepperFix allocation of __libc_ia64_register_backing_store_base.
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepper(csinh_test): Don't require the invalid exception for...
2001-04-10 drepperDon't declare ENTRY_POINT. Use ENTRY_POINT instead...
2001-04-10 drepperDon't declare ENTRY_POINT. Use ENTRY_POINT instead...
2001-04-10 drepper[!__ASSEMBLY__]: Declare __start.
2001-04-10 drepper[!__ASSEMBLY__]: Declare _start.
2001-04-10 drepper(_start): Add unwind directives.
2001-04-10 drepperEntry code definition for IA-64/ELF.
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepperSkip setcontext call by changing the saved context.
2001-04-10 drepperFix return value of setcontext.
2001-04-10 drepperFix return value of getcontext.
2001-04-10 drepperAdd one more casts.
2001-04-10 drepperAdd a few casts.
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepperAdd prototype for __pthread_do_exit. Adjust prototype for
2001-04-10 drepper(pthread_cleanup_upto): Also use current stack frame...
2001-04-10 drepper(__new_sem_wait): Likewise.
2001-04-10 drepper(pthread_handle_sigcancel): Likewise.
2001-04-10 drepper(__old_sem_wait): Likewise.
2001-04-10 drepper(pthread_start_thread): Likewise.
2001-04-10 drepper(pthread_cond_wait): Likewise.
2001-04-10 drepper(__pthread_perform_cleanup): Takes extra parameter...
2001-04-10 drepper(pthread_exit): Move code to new function __pthread_do_exit
2001-04-10 drepper(tests): Add tst-cancel.
2001-04-10 drepperTest for cancelation handling.
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepperStack information for IA-64.
2001-04-10 drepperStack information for Alpha.
2001-04-10 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/fpu/e_pow.c: Correct handling of some...
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepperExtra files to distribute for SPARC64.
2001-04-10 drepperAdd hp-timing.c.
2001-04-10 drepperCorrect @comment with include name.
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepper(distribute): Add fd_to_filename.h.
2001-04-10 drepperCorrect description of _unlocked functions.
2001-04-10 drepperCRIS-specific memory copying code.
2001-04-10 drepperCRIS-specific low-level definitions.
2001-04-10 dreppersetjmp implementation on CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperMacros to help memusage program on CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperDefinitions for efficient copying on CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperProfiling definitions for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperStartup code for ELF binaries on CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperCRIS-specific part of ELF dynamic loader.
2001-04-10 drepper<string.h> optimizations for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepper<stejmp.h> definitions for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepper<endian.h> definitions for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepper_mcount implementation for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepper__longjmp implementation for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperAdditional make rules for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperOther implied directories to use.
2001-04-10 drepperExtra files to distribute for CRIS.
2001-04-10 drepperUpdate.
2001-04-10 drepperBuild hp-timing.
2001-04-10 drepperBuild hp-timing.
2001-04-10 drepperHigh-precision timer access code for SPARC/64-bit.
2001-04-10 drepperDefinition for high-precision timer access code for...
2001-04-10 drepperDefinition for high-precision timer access code for...
2001-04-10 drepperHigh-preicion timer access code for 32-bit UltraSPARC...
2001-04-10 drepper(freopen64): If FILENAME is NULL, try to get filename...