1999-01-04 drepperUpdate year in copyright message text.
1999-01-04 drepper(banner): Update date.
1999-01-04 drepperUpdate.
1999-01-04 drepperEnsure that we really use the right path for cpp.
1999-01-04 drepperUpdate year in copyright message text.
1999-01-04 drepperUpdate year in copyright message text.
1999-01-04 drepperUpdate year in copyright message text.
1999-01-04 drepper(ether_ntoa): Make `asc' static since that's what we...
1999-01-04 drepper(find_derivation): Release lock before returning.
1999-01-04 drepperUse install-others instead of explicit dependency on...
1999-01-04 drepperUpdate year in copyright message text.
1999-01-04 drepperUpdate year in copyright message text.
1999-01-04 drepperUpdate year in copyright message text.
1999-01-04 drepper(subdir_testclean): New rule to support the above.
1999-01-04 drepper(do-tests-clean): New rule to support the above.
1999-01-04 drepper(tests-clean): New test output files.
1999-01-04 drepperRemove all references to obsolete variables tests-stati...
1999-01-04 drepperLinux/ARM implementation of pwrite.
1999-01-04 drepperLinux/ARM implementation of pwrite64.
1999-01-04 drepperLinux/ARM implementation of pread64.
1999-01-04 drepperLinux/ARM implementation of pread.
1999-01-04 schwab * sysdeps/m68k/dl-machine.h (elf_machine_rela): Reorde...
1999-01-01 drepperUpdate.
1999-01-01 drepperCorrect last patch to include wchar.h from system path.
1998-12-31 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-31 drepper[__NO_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH]: Likewise. Also define appropr...
1998-12-31 drepper[__NO_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH]: Include wchar.h.
1998-12-31 drepperSuppress parentheses warnings.
1998-12-31 drepperSync with current Linux 2.1.132 kernel sources.
1998-12-31 drepperLinux/MIPS specific misc low-level definitions.
1998-12-31 drepperAdd ipc, change pread/pwrite and llseek calls.
1998-12-31 drepperMoved into MIPS specific directory.
1998-12-31 drepperRemove deleted files.
1998-12-31 drepperSuppress parentheses warnings.
1998-12-31 drepperMIP floating point definition header.
1998-12-31 drepperMIPS assembler helper definitions.
1998-12-31 drepperSGI's MIPS definitions.
1998-12-31 drepperMIPS register definitions.
1998-12-31 drepperMIPS floating point control information.
1998-12-31 drepperMIPS floating point register definitions.
1998-12-31 drepperAdd new headers.
1998-12-31 drepperAdd new files.
1998-12-31 dreppermempcpy implementation for i686.
1998-12-31 drepperAdd missing cld.
1998-12-31 drepperFix comment.
1998-12-31 drepperFix comment.
1998-12-31 drepperRemove internal routine. Add __restrict.
1998-12-31 drepperPrototype __crypt_r, suppress warning.
1998-12-31 drepperAdd missing #else in SPARC definitions.
1998-12-31 drepper(fnmatch): Always pass unsigned char values to FOLD...
1998-12-31 drepperAdjust example for changes in printf in gibc 2.0.
1998-12-31 drepper[_LIBC] : Fix for NO_THREADS case.
1998-12-31 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-31 drepperDefine _IO_lock_lock and _IO_lock_unlock.
1998-12-31 drepper(list_all_lock): New variable.
1998-12-31 drepperMention latest extensions in _POSIX_C_SOURCE description.
1998-12-31 drepper Remove variable assignments and rules that are now...
1998-12-31 drepperT.61 gconv module.
1998-12-31 drepperISO 6937 gconv module.
1998-12-31 drepperISO 6937-2 gconv module.
1998-12-31 drepperEUC-TW gconv module.
1998-12-31 drepperEUC-KR gconv module.
1998-12-31 drepperEUC-JP gconv module.
1998-12-31 drepperEUC-CN gconv module.
1998-12-31 drepperRenamed to allow easier Makefile.
1998-12-31 drepper($(VAR_DB)/shadow.db): Fix last change.
1998-12-31 drepper($(VAR_DB)/shadow.db): Fix last change.
1998-12-29 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-29 drepper(sem_trywait): Don't forget to unlock the semaphore...
1998-12-28 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-28 drepper(distribute): Add INTERFAE and CONFORMANCE.
1998-12-28 drepper(distribute): Add hp-timing.h.
1998-12-28 drepperExtra files for i386/i686.
1998-12-28 drepperRemade for experimental-2.0.109
1998-12-28 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-28 drepper(VERSION): Bump to 2.0.109.
1998-12-28 drepperFix typos.
1998-12-28 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-28 drepperAdd mach_msg_send and mach_msg_receive;.
1998-12-28 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-28 drepper(SIOCIPXNCPCONN): New macro from latest kernel.
1998-12-28 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-28 drepperDon't generate code if __NO_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH.
1998-12-28 drepperFall back on double functions if __NO_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH.
1998-12-28 drepper(_fpioconst_pow10): Reduce size according to fpioconst...
1998-12-28 drepperIf __NO_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH don't define constants beyond...
1998-12-27 drepperUse #warning, not #error, if the endianness can't be...
1998-12-27 drepperUpdate.
1998-12-27 drepperAdd ioperm.c and sys/io.h.
1998-12-27 drepperMacros for timing functions using i686 timestamp counter.
1998-12-27 drepperGlobal definitions for timing functions.
1998-12-27 drepperi386/i686 specific Makefile.
1998-12-27 drepper(elf_machine_rel): Reverse order of OR clauses to avoid...
1998-12-27 drepperStub definitions for high-precision timing.
1998-12-27 drepperUnify messages.
1998-12-27 drepper(print_statistics): New function.
1998-12-27 drepper(_dl_num_relocations): New variable.
1998-12-27 roland.
1998-12-27 roland1998-12-21 Mark Kettenis <kettenis@phys.uva.nl>
1998-12-27 roland1998-12-21 Mark Kettenis <kettenis@phys.uva.nl>