2000-11-20 drepperCast int to long before casting to void *.
2000-11-20 drepper(termination_handler): Add noreturn attribute.
2000-11-20 drepper(path_hwcap): Cast -1 for proper comparison.
2000-11-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-20 dreppergcc doesn't tolerate zero-sized types anymore.
2000-11-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-20 drepper(_nl_unload_domain): Rearrange domain initialization...
2000-11-20 drepper(transcmp): Make s1 and s2 const.
2000-11-20 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-20 drepperAdd prototypes for __libc_init_first and _dl_start.
2000-11-20 drepper(dl_fatal): Add cast to avoid warning.
2000-11-20 drepper(strcmp): Add const to casts.
2000-11-20 drepperAdd prototype for __libc_start_main.
2000-11-20 drepperAdd prototypes for dummy, _init, and _fini.
2000-11-20 drepper(__mempcpy_args): Add const to casts.
2000-11-20 drepperAdd __libc_check_standard_fds prototype.
2000-11-20 drepper(DEFINE_HOOK): Also generate prototype.
2000-11-20 drepperRemove US-ASCII support.
2000-11-20 drepperRemove ASCII definitions.
2000-11-20 drepperRemove cast in calls of loop functions.
2000-11-20 drepper(LOOPFC): Make outend parameter const. Add cast to...
2000-11-20 drepper(__gconv_transliterate): Make from_idx, from_tbl, to_id...
2000-11-20 drepperInclude gconv_builtin.h to get prototypes for loop...
2000-11-20 drepper(__gconv_path_elem): Remove const.
2000-11-20 drepper(do_release_shlib): Remove const from nodep.
2000-11-20 drepper(__gconv_alias_compare): Make s1 and s2 const.
2000-11-20 drepper(__gconv_path_elem): Remove const.
2000-11-20 drepperAdd ASCII module definitions.
2000-11-20 drepper(struct __gconv_step): Remove const from __from_name...
2000-11-20 drepperInclude gconv_int.h and gconv.h.
2000-11-20 drepperAdd prototypes for __libc_print_version and __libc_main.
2000-11-20 drepperAlways have prototype for __gmon_start.
2000-11-20 ajUpdate.
2000-11-20 aj(O_NOFOLLOW): Use same value defined in /usr/include...
2000-11-20 aj(kernel_stat): Expand time_t to 'long int' not, 'unsign...
2000-11-20 ajFix comments
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-18 drepper(tests): Add test-vfprintf.
2000-11-18 drepperTests of *printf for very large strings.
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-18 drepper(tests): Add tst-wcrtomb.
2000-11-18 drepperTest for wcrtomb.
2000-11-18 drepper(tests): Add tst-mbrtowc.
2000-11-18 drepperTest of mbrtowc function.
2000-11-18 drepper(__mbrtowc): Do not only flush if input is '\0'.
2000-11-18 drepperRegenerated: /usr/bin/perl scripts/gen-FAQ.pl FAQ.in
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-18 drepper(Tools for Compilation): Update documentation for GCC...
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate gcc requirement
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-18 drepper(gaih_inet): Only return -EAI_AGAIN if IPv4 and IPv6...
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-18 drepperFormatting changes.
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-18 drepperUpdate from upstream maintainer.
2000-11-17 drepperRemove some garbage accidently added.
2000-11-17 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-17 drepperScript to run test for freopen.
2000-11-17 drepperTest for freopen.
2000-11-17 drepperAdd rules to build and run test-freopen.
2000-11-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-16 drepper(freopen): Reset _mode after succesful reopening.
2000-11-16 drepper(freopen64): Reset _mode after succesful reopening.
2000-11-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-16 drepper(DL_DT_INIT_ADDRESS): Defined if ELF_FUNCTION_PTR_IS_SP...
2000-11-16 drepper(_dl_lookup_address): Set the return type to ElfW(Addr).
2000-11-16 drepper(GLIBC_2.2): Add _dl_function_address.
2000-11-16 drepper(_dl_start_address): Removed.
2000-11-16 drepper(_dl_start_address): Renamed to ...
2000-11-16 drepper(_dl_init): Use DL_DT_INIT_ADDRESS to get the function...
2000-11-16 drepperUse DL_DT_FINI_ADDRESS to get the function pointer...
2000-11-16 drepper(__printf_fphex): Compute correctly end of wexpbuf...
2000-11-16 ajUpdate.
2000-11-16 ajRemove duplicate definition of F_GETLK, F_SETLK, F_SETLKW.
2000-11-16 ajUpdate.
2000-11-16 aj(_DL_PLATFORMS_COUNT): Define to 0 if it's not defined.
2000-11-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-16 drepper(Program Arguments): Fix type of main's envp parameter.
2000-11-16 drepper(main): Add test for dladdr of main returning argv...
2000-11-16 drepper(RTLD_START): Update _dl_argv. Schedule instructions...
2000-11-16 drepper(RTLD_START): Update _dl_argv.
2000-11-16 drepper(RTLD_START): Update _dl_argv.
2000-11-16 drepper(run-program-prefix): Move test-static test into the...
2000-11-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-16 drepperAdd CP950 alias.
2000-11-16 drepperAdd syscall-list.h goal.
2000-11-16 drepperAllow ports to override syscall-list.h goal.
2000-11-15 drepperUpdate.
2000-11-15 dreppertst-gettext2.sh does not need a third parameter.
2000-11-15 drepperCopy locale data. Adjust LOCPATH. Verify output of...
2000-11-15 drepperSet C locale if setting other locale failed. Use gette...
2000-11-15 drepperIncrement _nl_msg_cat_cntr whenever we successfully...
2000-11-15 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
2000-11-15 drepperRequire gcc 2.95 or newer.
2000-11-15 drepperAdjust for FHS.
2000-11-15 drepper(strndup): Cast return value to `char *'.
2000-11-15 drepperRemove some useless parentheses.
2000-11-15 drepper(install): Set LANGUAGE=C LC_ALL=C.
2000-11-15 drepperUpdate.