2002-05-15 drepper64-bit integer comparison.
2002-05-15 drepper(sysdeps_routines): Add divdi3, cmpdi2, shdi3, fixdfdi...
2002-05-15 drepper(__old_semctl, __new_semctl): Only use va_arg if the...
2002-05-15 drepper(catopen): Free buffer if internal catalog open fails.
2002-05-15 drepperFix wcwidth for Hangul Conjoining medial vowels and...
2002-05-15 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-15 drepperMake more robust. For realtime tracking use non-buffer...
2002-05-15 drepperImplement -u option.
2002-05-15 drepperUpdate from translation team.
2002-05-15 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-15 drepperUse INTUSE calls to bindresvport, authunix_create,
2002-05-15 drepper(__recvmsg, __sendmsg): Add aliases.
2002-05-15 drepperAdd weak alias.
2002-05-15 drepper(__listen): Add alias.
2002-05-15 drepper(__getsockname): Add alias.
2002-05-15 drepper(__bind): Add alias.
2002-05-15 drepper(__bind, __listen, __recvmsg, __recvfrom, __sendmsg...
2002-05-15 drepper(__sendmsg): Add weak alias.
2002-05-15 drepper(__recvmsg): Add weak alias.
2002-05-15 drepper(__getsockname): Renamed from getsockname, add getsockn...
2002-05-15 drepper(__listen): Renamed from listen, add listen as weak...
2002-05-15 drepper(__bind): Renamed from bind, add bind as weak alias.
2002-05-15 drepper(__setsockopt): Renamed from setsockopt, add setsockopt...
2002-05-15 drepper(__sendmsg): Renamed from sendmsg, add sendmsg as weak...
2002-05-15 drepper(__recvfrom): Renamed from recvfrom, add recvfrom as...
2002-05-15 drepper(__recvmsg): Renamed from recvmsg, add recvmsg as weak...
2002-05-15 drepper(__recvfrom): Renamed from recvfrom, add recvfrom as...
2002-05-15 drepper(__sendto): Renamed from sendto, add sendto as weak...
2002-05-15 drepper(__register_frame_info_bases,
2002-05-15 drepper(rexec_af): Use __listen and __getsockname.
2002-05-15 drepper(rexec_af): Use __listen and __getsockname.
2002-05-15 drepper(__sendto, __recvfrom, __sendmsg, __recvmsg, __setsockopt,
2002-05-15 drepper(_authenticate_internal): Add prototype.
2002-05-15 drepper(svc_sendreply_internal, svcerr_decode_internal, svc_ge...
2002-05-15 drepper(clnt_create_internal, clnttcp_create_internal,
2002-05-14 drepper(authunix_create_internal, authunix_create_default_inte...
2002-05-14 drepper(bindresvport_internal): Add prototype.
2002-05-14 drepper(struct nameent, struct dataent): New.
2002-05-14 drepper(main): Adjust call of show_archive_content.
2002-05-14 drepper(show_archive_content): Add verbose argument.
2002-05-14 drepper(open_archive): One more adjustment for the new readonl...
2002-05-14 drepper(write_all_categories): Adjust open_archive call.
2002-05-14 drepper(open_archive): Adjust prototype.
2002-05-14 drepper(open_archive): Take extra argument readonly. If true...
2002-05-14 drepper(__posix_memalign): Correct check for size of alignment...
2002-05-14 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-14 drepperRemove references to old stdio implementation.
2002-05-14 drepper(bug-ungetwc2-ENV): Define.
2002-05-14 roland.
2002-05-14 roland2002-05-13 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-14 roland2002-05-13 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-13 roland.
2002-05-13 roland2002-05-12 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-13 roland2002-05-13 Marcus Brinkmann <marcus@gnu.org>
2002-05-13 roland.
2002-05-13 roland2002-05-12 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-11 aj (__divsf3): Fix typo in symbol version.
2002-05-11 ajRemove extra endif.
2002-05-11 ajUpdate.
2002-05-10 schwab.
2002-05-10 schwabAdd sqrtl alias.
2002-05-09 ajClean up last changelog entry.
2002-05-09 ajUpdate.
2002-05-09 ajAdd sys/io.h.
2002-05-09 ajio.h routines for Linux/x86-64.
2002-05-09 ajUpdate.
2002-05-09 ajMove from sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/ia64/glob.c.
2002-05-09 ajRemoved, we can use the wordsize-64 one.
2002-05-08 roland.
2002-05-08 roland2002-05-08 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-05 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-05 drepperComment out use of _mtrace_file and _mtrace_len.
2002-05-05 drepperRegenerated: autoconf sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/configure.in
2002-05-04 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-04 drepper(__duplocale): Update special members only when allocat...
2002-05-03 roland.
2002-05-03 roland2002-05-03 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-03 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-03 drepper(libpthread-routines): Add sighandler.
2002-05-03 drepperAdd signal handler related type definitions here.
2002-05-03 drepperSignal handler wrappers.
2002-05-03 drepperMove sighandler functions to sighandler.c.
2002-05-03 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-03 drepperSome libgcc functions to be re-exported from glibc.
2002-05-03 drepper(__divtf3, __divdf3, __divsf3, __divdi3, __moddi3,...
2002-05-03 drepperAdd ia64libgcc in csu subdir.
2002-05-03 drepper(oom): Implement using _dl_fatal_printf.
2002-05-03 drepperDistinguish anonymous mmap.
2002-05-02 roland.
2002-05-02 roland2002-05-01 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-02 roland2002-05-01 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-02 roland2002-05-01 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2002-05-01 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-01 drepperImplement -m/--mmap option.
2002-05-01 drepperAdd support for tracking mmap & friends.
2002-05-01 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-01 drepper(create_archive): Add archivefname argument, create...
2002-05-01 drepperUpdate.
2002-05-01 drepperMakefile for Linux/x86-64 on Linux.
2002-05-01 drepper(add_locales_to_archive): Don't nest too many stpcpy...