2001-08-16 drepper(Error Messages): Explain that perror doesn't change...
2001-08-16 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-16 drepper(find_module): Add #ifndef STATIC_GCONV.
2001-08-16 drepperFix gconv_cache.c CFLAGS.
2001-08-16 drepperFix type of __id_t, __useconds_t and __intptr_t.
2001-08-16 drepperAdd rule to import kernel symbols.
2001-08-16 drepperFix the layout of the ucontext structure.
2001-08-16 drepperAdjust the SC_xxx offsets to the new ucontext layout.
2001-08-16 drepper(__setcontext): Load the access registers from the...
2001-08-16 drepper(__getcontext): Store the access registers to the ucont...
2001-08-16 drepperOld ChangeLog.
2001-08-16 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-16 drepper(error): Handle wide oriented stderr stream correctly.
2001-08-16 drepper(perror): Implement according to standard. The stream...
2001-08-16 drepper(tests): Add tst-perror.
2001-08-16 drepperTests for perror.
2001-08-15 drepperUpdate. glibc-2_2_4
2001-08-15 drepper(_IO_fwide): Don't reset file position to beginning...
2001-08-15 schwab.
2001-08-15 schwab(atomic_add): Don't allow address register for operand 0.
2001-08-15 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-15 drepper(perror): Use _IO_fwide instead of fwide.
2001-08-15 drepper(_IO_fwide): Handle zero as second parameter more effic...
2001-08-14 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-14 drepper(free_mem): Remove.
2001-08-14 drepper(RESOLVSORT): Define.
2001-08-14 drepper(RESOLVSORT): Define.
2001-08-14 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-14 drepper(__pthread_require_lockfile): New variable.
2001-08-14 drepper(__pthread_provide_lockfile): New variable.
2001-08-14 drepper(free_mem): Remove, it's not used anymore.
2001-08-14 drepperUse __tolower_l, __isdigit_l, __isspace_l with _nl_C_lo...
2001-08-14 drepper(_nl_C_locobj): Declare.
2001-08-14 drepper(aux): Add xlocale.
2001-08-14 drepperMinor cleanups.
2001-08-14 drepperExtended locale model helpers.
2001-08-14 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-14 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-xlocale1.
2001-08-14 drepperImprove error messages.
2001-08-14 drepperTest of __strcasecmp_l.
2001-08-14 ajUpdate.
2001-08-14 ajCopy from ldbl-96/w_expl.c with tweaked constants
2001-08-13 drepperRegenerated from source files
2001-08-13 drepperImprove readlink_malloc example.
2001-08-13 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-13 drepper(me): Allow creating the output file.
2001-08-13 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-13 drepperRemove -fkeep-inline-functions flag for init-first.
2001-08-13 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-13 drepperUpdate from translation team.
2001-08-13 ajUpdate.
2001-08-13 aj(MCOUNT): Don't use delay slot for jal since jal is...
2001-08-13 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-13 drepperAdd entries for ISO-IR-209 and MAC-SAMI.
2001-08-13 drepperAdd rules to build ISO-IR-209 and MAC-SAMI.
2001-08-13 dreppericonv module for MAC-SAMI.
2001-08-13 dreppericonv module for ISO-IR-209.
2001-08-13 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-13 drepperCharmap for ISO-IR-209.
2001-08-13 drepperCharmap for MAC-SAMI.
2001-08-13 drepperRemove store_args_and_env which is not needed is USE_NO...
2001-08-13 roland.
2001-08-13 roland2001-08-12 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2001-08-12 roland.
2001-08-12 roland2001-08-11 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2001-08-12 roland2001-08-12 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2001-08-12 drepper(Working Directory): Don't use TAB in example.
2001-08-12 drepperFix typos and wording.
2001-08-11 roland.
2001-08-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-11 drepperUse __getopt_clean_environment only if USE_NONOPTION_FL...
2001-08-11 drepperUse __getopt_clean_environment only if USE_NONOPTION_FL...
2001-08-11 drepperUse __getopt_clean_environment only if USE_NONOPTION_FL...
2001-08-11 drepperUse __getopt_clean_environment only if USE_NONOPTION_FL...
2001-08-11 drepper(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Use correct symbolic constant...
2001-08-11 roland2001-08-11 Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com>
2001-08-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-11 drepperUse __getopt_nonoption_flags only if USE_NONOPTION_FLAG...
2001-08-11 drepperProduce code only if USE_NONOPTION_FLAGS is defined.
2001-08-11 drepperUse __getopt_clean_environment only if USE_NONOPTION_FL...
2001-08-11 drepperAdd #undef line for USE_NONOPTION_FLAGS.
2001-08-11 ajj0 implementation for 128-bit long doubles.
2001-08-11 ajUpdate.
2001-08-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-11 drepper(__assert_perror_fail): Use __progname instead of __ass...
2001-08-11 drepper(set_progname): Removed.
2001-08-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-11 drepper(ptmalloc_init): Don't call getenv five times. Instead...
2001-08-11 drepper(elf_machine_runtime_setup): Only set _dl_profile_map...
2001-08-11 drepper(_dl_relocate_object): Allocate l_reloc_result only if
2001-08-11 drepperAdjust for change in _dl_next_ld_env_entry.
2001-08-11 drepper(_dl_next_ld_env_entry): Optimize a bit. Now returns...
2001-08-11 drepper(grow_heap): Use mmap() rather than mprotect()
2001-08-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-11 drepper(__getopt_clean_environment): Avoid making the strncmp...
2001-08-11 drepperUpdate.
2001-08-11 drepper[USE_IN_LIBIO] (buffered_vfprintf): Likewise.
2001-08-11 drepper(_IO_wdefault_finish): Don't call _IO_lock_init if...
2001-08-11 drepperSet _IO_USER_LOCK flag for temporary stream. Don't...
2001-08-11 drepper(_IO_no_init): Don't call _IO_lock_init if _lock is...