2003-06-18 drepper(read_alias_file): Determine whether line is read incom...
2003-06-18 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-18 drepper(elf_machine_rela) <case R_PPC64_DTPREL64>: Don't segfa...
2003-06-18 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-18 drepperContext function implementation details.
2003-06-18 drepperswapcontext implementation for ppc32.
2003-06-18 dreppersetcontext implementation for ppc32.
2003-06-18 dreppermakecontext implementation for ppc32.
2003-06-18 dreppergetcontext implementation for ppc32.
2003-06-18 drepperAdjust for real implementation.
2003-06-18 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-18 drepper(lll_mutex_lock): Add ax to clobber list.
2003-06-17 drepper(CFLAGS-tst-cancelx18.c): Define.
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-17 drepper(build_word_op): Use alnum instead of alpha class.
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-17 drepper(__librt_multiple_threads, __librt_enable_asynccancel,
2003-06-17 drepper(libc): Export __librt_enable_asynccancel, __librt_disa...
2003-06-17 drepper(tcbhead_t): Add multiple_threads.
2003-06-17 drepperMakefile for x86-64.
2003-06-17 drepperTCB offsets for x86-64.
2003-06-17 drepperSupport cancellation in librt.
2003-06-17 drepper(__librt_multiple_threads, __librt_enable_asynccancel,
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-17 drepperTest connect, creat, msgrcv, msgsnd, sendmsg, sendto...
2003-06-17 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-cancel18 and tst-cancelx18.
2003-06-17 drepperTest of clock_nanosleep cancellation with exception...
2003-06-17 drepperTest of clock_nanosleep cancellation.
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-17 drepper(clock_nanosleep): nanosleep takes care of enabling...
2003-06-17 drepper(do_test): Fix some typos.
2003-06-17 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-cancel17.
2003-06-17 drepperTest cancelability of aio_suspend with exceptions based...
2003-06-17 drepperTest cancelability of aio_suspend.
2003-06-17 drepper(aio_suspend): Make aio_suspend cancelable. It's not...
2003-06-17 drepperInclude pthreadP.h and then full source to handle SIGCA...
2003-06-17 drepperInclude pthreadP.h and then full source to handle SIGCA...
2003-06-17 drepperInclude pthreadP.h and then full source to handle SIGCA...
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-17 drepperAdd __builtin_expect for special case of seconds==0.
2003-06-17 drepperIf SIGCANCEL is defined and part of the incoming set...
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate..
2003-06-17 drepperTest open, close, pread, pwrite, fsync, and msync.
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-17 drepper(MULTIPLE_THREADS_OFFSET): Define.
2003-06-17 drepper(tcbhead_t): Add multiple_threads.
2003-06-17 drepper(CENABLE, CDISABLE): Define for librt. #error if neith...
2003-06-17 drepper(struct pthread): Add header.multiple_threads unconditi...
2003-06-17 drepper(allocate_stack): Set header.multiple_threads unconditi...
2003-06-17 drepper(create_thread): Set header.multiple_threads unconditio...
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-17 drepperUse CANCELLATION_P if defined before returning because...
2003-06-17 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-17 drepperAdd tests for the socket and signal functions, pause...
2003-06-17 drepperCompile forward.c with exceptions.
2003-06-17 dreppersleep function for Linux.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepperAdd unwind information.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepperAlso check cancellation handlers.
2003-06-16 drepperAdd CFLAGS definition to compile function wrappers...
2003-06-16 drepper(__libc_wait): Fix type of result variable.
2003-06-16 drepperBump to 0.47.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepperPrint linker warning if this function is called in...
2003-06-16 drepperAdd static_link_warning macro.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepperAdd aliases CP936, MS936, WINDOWS-936.
2003-06-16 drepperAdd alias IBM-1047.
2003-06-16 drepperAdd aliases ISO_8859-16:2001, ISO_8859-16.
2003-06-16 drepperAdd aliases ISO_8859-15, LATIN-9.
2003-06-16 drepper(ISO-8859-15): Add aliases ISO_8859-15, LATIN-9.
2003-06-16 drepper__xstat_conv): Define even if defined __ASSUME_STAT64_S...
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate from current official ISO 639.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepper[LC_TIME]: Correct month names to make the dates gramat...
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepper(feholdexcept): Correct setting of MXCSR.
2003-06-16 drepper(fedisableexcept): Correct setting of MXCSR.
2003-06-16 drepper(feenableexcept): Correct setting of MXCSR.
2003-06-16 drepper(carg): Handle real arguments.
2003-06-16 drepperTest of return value type of type generic math functions.
2003-06-16 drepper(CFLAGS-test-tgmath-ret.c): New.
2003-06-16 drepper(ilogb): Return always an int.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepper(dl_main): Use l_map_start not l_addr in Phdr computati...
2003-06-16 drepper(dl_main): Fix typos in last change.
2003-06-16 drepperArgonese language locale for Spain.
2003-06-16 drepperMake sure all tests are executed before an error code...
2003-06-16 drepper(main): Remove unused variable 'monval'.
2003-06-16 drepper[LC_TIME]: Use lower case letters in month and week...
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-cancel16 and tst-cancelx16.
2003-06-16 drepperTest of cancellation of blocking lockf call with except...
2003-06-16 drepperCheck cancellation of blocking lockf call.
2003-06-16 drepperUpdate.
2003-06-16 drepper(__dl_iterate_phdr): Don't skip dynamic linker's map.
2003-06-16 drepper(dl_main): Initialize l_phdr and l_phnum of of the...