2006-09-09 drepper(tests): Add bug-mktime1.
2006-09-09 drepperTest for mktime overflow.
2006-09-09 drepper..
2006-09-09 drepper(mremap): Make available for _GNU_SOURCE.
2006-09-09 drepper.
2006-09-09 drepper(remap_file_pages): Make available for _GNU_SOURCE.
2006-09-09 drepper.
2006-09-09 drepperOnly increase FUTEX if increasing WAKEUP_SEQ. Fix...
2006-09-09 drepperInclude pthread.h instead of pthreadP.h. Include stdlib.h.
2006-09-09 drepper.
2006-09-09 drepper(elf_machine_rela): Ensure relocation doesn't clobber...
2006-09-08 drepper.
2006-09-08 drepper(tests): Add tst-cond22.
2006-09-08 drepperTest of cancellation after cond_signal.
2006-09-08 drepperDon't increment WAKEUP_SEQ in cleanup handler if this...
2006-09-07 drepper.
2006-09-07 drepper(sYSMALLOc): Only call grow_heap if (long) (MINSIZE...
2006-09-07 drepper(grow_heap): When growing bail even if new_size is...
2006-09-07 drepper.
2006-09-07 drepperAdd rules to build and run bug-regex26 test.
2006-09-07 drepperText for memory corruption in re_search.
2006-09-07 drepper(re_string_reconstruct): Handle
2006-09-07 drepper(__lrint): Don't access stack below r1.
2006-09-06 drepper. fedora-glibc-20060907T0853
2006-09-06 drepper(collate_read): Goto sym_equiv_free rather than col_sym...
2006-09-06 drepper(gai_suspend): Make sure result is initialized.
2006-09-05 drepper.
2006-09-05 drepper(tests): Add tst-cancel25.
2006-09-05 drepper(struct pthread): Add parent_cancelhandling.
2006-09-05 drepper(create_thread): Pass parent cancelhandling value to...
2006-09-05 drepper(start_thread): If parent thread was canceled reset...
2006-09-05 drepperTest signal mask of thread created in unwind handler.
2006-09-05 drepper.
2006-09-05 drepper(mon): Fix February string.
2006-09-05 drepper.
2006-09-05 drepper(GAI_MISC_NOTIFY): Don't decrement counterp if it is...
2006-09-05 drepper(AIO_MISC_NOTIFY): Don't decrement counterp if it is...
2006-09-05 drepper.
2006-09-05 drepperAdd unwind info.
2006-09-05 drepper.
2006-09-05 drepper(addinitgroupsX): Move any_success decl before first...
2006-09-05 drepper. fedora-glibc-20060905T0633
2006-09-05 drepper(shlib.lds): If have-hash-style, put .hash section...
2006-09-04 drepper(do_lookup_x): Fix last patch.
2006-09-04 drepper(do_lookup_x): Initialize symidx in case the new style...
2006-09-04 drepper.
2006-09-04 drepper(res_randomid): Don't call gettimeofday here.
2006-09-04 drepper(res_nmkquery): Set hp->id to statp->id after randomiza...
2006-08-31 drepper. fedora-glibc-20060831T1812
2006-08-31 drepper(__pthread_rwlock_trywrlock): Undo last change because...
2006-08-31 drepper.
2006-08-31 drepper(LDLIBS-bug-atexit3-lib.so): Add ld.so.
2006-08-31 drepper(_int_malloc): Use full list insert and not shortcut...
2006-08-31 drepper(do_test): Allow i.dli_sname "_IO_printf".
2006-08-30 drepper. fedora-glibc-20060831T0640
2006-08-30 drepper(pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock): Respect reader preference.
2006-08-30 drepper(__pthread_rwlock_wrlock): Respect reader preference.
2006-08-30 drepper(__pthread_rwlock_trywrlock): Respect reader preference.
2006-08-30 drepper.
2006-08-30 drepper(splice): Add offin and offout arguments to the prototype.
2006-08-30 drepper(splice): Adjust args string.
2006-08-29 drepper.
2006-08-29 drepper(_dl_init_paths): Expand DSTs.
2006-08-28 drepper.
2006-08-28 drepper(dl_open_worker): Allow $LIB and $PLATFORM in dlopen...
2006-08-28 drepper. fedora-glibc-20060828T1903
2006-08-28 drepper(getnameinfo): For AF_INET, check errno only if herrno...
2006-08-28 drepper(collate_read): Return if copy_locale's collate categor...
2006-08-28 drepper(translit_flatten): Issue error if other's ctype catego...
2006-08-28 drepper.
2006-08-28 drepper(public_rEALLOc): Try harder by using other arenas...
2006-08-27 drepper.
2006-08-27 drepper(bin_at): Rewrite to be more clear and to not waste...
2006-08-26 drepper.
2006-08-26 drepper(ctype_read): Better patch for read failure.
2006-08-25 drepper.
2006-08-25 drepper(freeres_libpthread): Only define ifdef SHARED.
2006-08-25 drepper. fedora-glibc-20060825T0639
2006-08-25 drepper(ctype_read): If CTYPE is NULL, don't do anything.
2006-08-24 drepper.
2006-08-24 drepper(_dl_ppc64_addr_sym_match): For undefined symbol requir...
2006-08-24 drepper(DL_ADDR_SYM_MATCH): For undefined symbol require exact...
2006-08-24 drepper.
2006-08-24 drepperAdd rules to build and run tst-addr1.
2006-08-24 drepperTest for dl-addr.
2006-08-24 drepper(_dl_addr): Don't ignore all undefined symbols. If...
2006-08-24 drepperPretty printing.
2006-08-24 drepper.
2006-08-24 drepper(main): Add new tests.
2006-08-24 drepper(sYSMALLOc): Avoid infinite loop if MMAP keeps failing...
2006-08-24 drepper.
2006-08-24 drepperUpdate LC_ADDRESS category.
2006-08-24 drepper.
2006-08-24 drepper(__bswap_32): Use same conditions as in the x86-64...
2006-08-24 drepper.
2006-08-24 drepper.
2006-08-24 drepper(getlogin_r): Already define for POSIX199506.
2006-08-24 drepper(getlogin_r): Already declare for POSIX199506.