2000-12-17 ajUpdate.
2000-12-17 ajAdd prototype declarations to shut up gcc.
2000-12-17 ajUpdate.
2000-12-17 ajAdd prototypes for testandset and
2000-12-17 ajUpdate.
2000-12-17 ajAdd prototype declarations to shut up gcc.
2000-12-17 aj * elf/vismain.c: Move prototypes for functions in...
2000-12-17 aj * locale/programs/ld-collate.c (collate_finish): Don...
2000-12-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-16 drepper(read_input_file): Avoid calling obstack_free with...
2000-12-16 drepper(struct stat): Align with AIX version.
2000-12-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-16 drepperUpdate from ztdata2000h.
2000-12-16 drepperTest with --early-exit.
2000-12-16 drepper(cb, main): Add --early-exit option to test it.
2000-12-16 drepper(ftw_dir): If process_entry returned non-zero result...
2000-12-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-16 drepper(fcvt_tests): Add new test.
2000-12-16 drepper(FCVT_MAXDIG): Define.
2000-12-16 drepper(FCVT_MAXDIG): Define.
2000-12-16 drepperFix typo in test to really use the examples from Unix98.
2000-12-16 drepper(dirname): Fix search for second to last slash.
2000-12-16 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-16 drepperfabsl implementation for IA-64.
2000-12-16 drepperfabsf implementation for IA-64.
2000-12-16 drepperfabs implementation for IA-64.
2000-12-15 ajUpdate.
2000-12-15 aj(main): Reformat and change to avoid warnings.
2000-12-15 ajMake local functions static.
2000-12-15 ajInclude testobj.h and move prototype declarations to...
2000-12-15 ajInclude testobj.h and move prototype declarations to...
2000-12-15 aj(distribute): Added testobj.h.
2000-12-15 ajPrototypes for the various testobj* files.
2000-12-15 ajMake local functions static.
2000-12-15 ajAdd prototype declarations to shut up gcc.
2000-12-15 ajUpdate.
2000-12-15 aj Fix thinko in checks for flexarr macros.
2000-12-15 ajUpdate.
2000-12-15 aj(__sincosf): The exponent field in a float is 8 bits...
2000-12-13 ajUpdate.
2000-12-13 aj(main): Adjust m for IEEE quad long double.
2000-12-13 ajUpdate.
2000-12-13 aj(Converting a Character): Fix mbstouwcs program to...
2000-12-13 aj(Using gettextized software): Fix typo.
2000-12-13 ajUpdate.
2000-12-13 aj (sigpending): Fix typo.
2000-12-11 ajUpdate.
2000-12-11 aj Declare kernel_sigset_t and use it.
2000-12-11 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-11 drepperAlpha ev6 sqrtf function.
2000-12-11 drepperAlpha ev6 sqrt functions.
2000-12-11 drepperAdditional directory searched for alphaev67.
2000-12-10 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-10 drepperFix a typo.
2000-12-10 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-10 drepperExchange t8 with t10.
2000-12-10 ajUpdate.
2000-12-10 ajReally fix cast.
2000-12-10 ajUpdate.
2000-12-10 ajFixed cast as suggested by Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat...
2000-12-09 ajUpdate.
2000-12-09 aj(handle_ellipsis): Fix format string.
2000-12-09 aj(charclass_symbolic_ellipsis): Fix format string.
2000-12-09 aj * nscd/hstcache.c (addhstbyname): Add cast to avoid...
2000-12-09 aj (nscd_parse_file): Remove extra argument.
2000-12-09 ajNew file, copy from generic linux version with small...
2000-12-09 ajRemoved, we can use the generic version.
2000-12-09 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-09 drepperAdd tests for stpncpy, memcpy, and mempcpy.
2000-12-09 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-09 drepper(default_cflags): Make -O2 the default for stable releases.
2000-12-09 drepper(__nss_getent): Pretty print.
2000-12-09 drepper(__nss_getent): Add local variable save.
2000-12-09 drepper(__nss_getent): Remove unnecessary errno saving.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of signbitl.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of signbitf.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of signbit.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of isnanf.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of isnan.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of isinff.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of ininf.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of fpclassifyl.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of fpclassifyf.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of fpclassify.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of finitel.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of finitef.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of finite.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of copysignl.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of copysignf.
2000-12-09 drepperIA-64 implementation of copysign.
2000-12-09 drepperThe real implementation is in is_isnan.S.
2000-12-09 drepperThe real implementation is in is_isinf.S.
2000-12-09 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-09 drepper(main): Fix typos in messages.
2000-12-09 drepper(main): Remove extra parameter in last change.
2000-12-09 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-09 drepperAdd test for rawmemchr.
2000-12-09 drepperUpdate.
2000-12-09 drepper(_dl_signal_error): If malloc failed, set objname to...
2000-12-09 drepper(_dl_open): If objname points right after errstring...