1994-11-01 rolandInitial revision
1994-11-01 rolandInitial revision
1994-11-01 rolandUpdate DIRP->__pos in getdirentries call.
1994-11-01 roland(DIR): New member `__pos'.
1994-11-01 rolandUse calloc in place to malloc, to zero fill new DIRs.
1994-11-01 rolandentered into RCS
1994-11-01 roland(headers, user-interfaces, server-interfaces): Don...
1994-10-31 roland(TCSASOFT): Macro removed.
1994-10-28 rolandInclude <mach/mig_support.h> for decls.
1994-10-28 roland(routines): Add assert-perror.
1994-10-28 roland(stubs): cd into $(objdir) and use local file names...
1994-10-28 roland(getonepriority): Call proc_getprocinfo with proc port.
1994-10-28 rolandGrok "@comment errno %d" in errno.texi, instead of...
1994-10-28 rolandGrok "@comment errno %d" in errno.texi, instead of...
1994-10-28 rolandReset BUFFER_SPACE after fflush in fill_buffer case.
1994-10-28 roland(__SIGSETFN): When losing, punt to `raise (-1)'. Old...
1994-10-28 rolandInclude <hurd/process.h>.
1994-10-27 rolandFixed typo.
1994-10-27 rolandIncrement CP properly in check for 5th char of quadword...
1994-10-26 kenner(pdp11): New machine name.
1994-10-26 rolandChange all size_t uses to int in obstack sections. mib-28oct94
1994-10-26 roland(Non-Local Exits and Signals): Remove old !!! comment.
1994-10-26 roland(Open-time Flags): Say POSIX.1 requires write access...
1994-10-26 roland3 args to main is not POSIX.1.
1994-10-26 rolandUpdate CIGNORE and TCSASOFT doc.
1994-10-26 roland(getonepriority): Always set ONERR.
1994-10-26 rolandInclude <errno.h>.
1994-10-26 roland(format-me): New canned sequence; runs makeinfo --no...
1994-10-26 rolandIf STREAM->__pushed_back, calculate from pushback_bufp...
1994-10-25 roland(Feature Test Macros): Node moved off to creature.texi.
1994-10-25 rolandInitial revision
1994-10-25 roland(indices): New variable; include ky.
1994-10-25 roland(File Status Flags): Rewritten.
1994-10-25 roland(O_ASYNC, O_FSYNC, O_SYNC): Protect with [__USE_BSD].
1994-10-25 rolandComment fixes.
1994-10-25 rolandInitialize tv_usec fields.
1994-10-24 rolandUndef _POSIX_SOURCE before including <sys/param.h>.
1994-10-24 rolandUndef _POSIX_SOURCE before including <sys/param.h>.
1994-10-24 rolandUndef _POSIX_SOURCE before including <sys/param.h>.
1994-10-24 rolandUndef _POSIX_SOURCE before including <sys/param.h>.
1994-10-24 rolandInclude <sys/param.h> before <net/if.h>.
1994-10-24 rolandInclude <sys/param.h> before <net/if.h>.
1994-10-24 rolandInclude <sys/param.h> before <net/if.h>.
1994-10-24 rolandInclude <sys/param.h> before <net/if.h>.
1994-10-24 rolandUndef __P first.
1994-10-24 roland(Priority): Fix up setpriority slightly.
1994-10-24 rolandUpdate menu.
1994-10-24 rolandFix xrefs.
1994-10-24 rolandFix xrefs.
1994-10-24 roland(Low-Level Terminal Interface): Fix node name.
1994-10-24 rolandEnhanced description of ITIMER_PROF.
1994-10-24 rolandRemoved useless comments.
1994-10-24 rolandRemoved useless comments.
1994-10-24 rolandRewritten.
1994-10-24 rolandInitial revision
1994-10-24 roland(routines): Add hurdprio.
1994-10-24 roland(_hurd_priority_which_map): Declare it.
1994-10-23 roland(sources): Fix typo in last change.
1994-10-21 rolandFix up flag bit descriptions.
1994-10-21 roland(ECHOKE): Remove gratuitous leading space before #define.
1994-10-21 roland(Setting Modes): Break up grouping in example.
1994-10-21 roland(Local Modes): Say LNEXT enables DISCARD too.
1994-10-21 roland(Error Codes): Add EFTYPE.
1994-10-21 roland(Permission Bits): Fix xref.
1994-10-21 rolandSticky update.
1994-10-21 roland(sources): Filter out $(elided-routines).
1994-10-21 roland(entry point): For OP=rem, set SIGN from dividend only...
1994-10-21 bothnerBetter NCR support.
1994-10-20 rolandDocument %q, %ll modifiers.
1994-10-20 rolandMerged BSD editting chars into Editting Characters.
1994-10-20 rolandMention gcc -Wformat and attribute syntax.
1994-10-20 roland(Error Codes): EAGAIN rewritten.
1994-10-20 roland(Process Completion): Move wait4 here from BSD compat...
1994-10-20 rolandRearranged BSD sections, moved sigstacks out of BSD...
1994-10-20 roland(Consistency Checking): Document assert_perror.
1994-10-19 rolandUse assert_perror.
1994-10-19 rolandInitial revision
1994-10-19 roland(assert_perror): New macro.
1994-10-19 roland(Directory Entries): Comment out xref to sockets sectio...
1994-10-19 roland(Top): Update menu.
1994-10-19 rolandFix typos.
1994-10-19 roland(abort_rpcs): Actually return a port instead of boolean...
1994-10-19 djmAdd licensing exception for Autoconf.
1994-10-19 djmAdd licensing exception for Autoconf.
1994-10-19 roland(abort_all_rpcs): If waiting for reply from interrupted...
1994-10-18 kennerMinor update to last change.
1994-10-18 kennerRevise support for AIX 4.1 on POWER and PowerPC.
1994-10-18 roland(Error Codes): Fix EDESTADDRREQ description.
1994-10-18 rolandAdd ISBN number.
1994-10-18 roland(Noncanonical Input): Fix MIN and TIME descriptions.
1994-10-17 kennerAdd support for AIX 4.1 and architecture.
1994-10-17 roland(General Limits): OPEN_MAX and CHILD_MAX xref rlimits.
1994-10-17 roland(Opening Streams): In FOPEN_MAX, xref OPEN_MAX and...
1994-10-17 roland(Resource Usage): Rewrite struct rusage member descript...
1994-10-17 roland(Creating a Process): Mention RLIMIT_NPROC with EAGAIN.
1994-10-17 rolandDoc fix.
1994-10-17 roland(Operation Error Signals): Fix xrefs.
1994-10-17 roland(Standard Signals): Update menu.
1994-10-17 roland(TZ Variable): Document zoneinfo database.