2008-09-09 David BartleyMinor fixes
2008-09-09 David BartleyImplement membar_*
2008-09-09 David BartleyImplement getprivimplinfo
2008-09-09 David BartleyImplememnt rctlblk_*
2008-09-09 David BartleyUpdate TODO
2008-09-08 David BartleyImplement sig2str and str2sig
2008-09-08 David BartleyImplement rctlsys calls
2008-09-08 David BartleyAdd some more macros to sys/param.h and sys/sysmacros.h
2008-09-08 David BartleyRefactor lots of code
2008-09-08 David BartleyAlias fork to fork1
2008-09-08 David BartleyLots of header fixes
2008-09-08 David BartleyAdd getzonenamebyid to Versions
2008-09-07 David BartleyRemove project.h from Makefile since it doesn't exist
2008-09-07 David BartleyImplement port_getn and port_sendn
2008-09-07 David BartleyOn error don't set the return to -1
2008-09-07 David BartleyAdd POSIX_FADV_*
2008-09-07 David BartleyImplement sendfilev and sendfilev64
2008-09-06 David BartleyImplement most of the port_* calls
2008-09-06 David BartleyDefine t_scalar_t
2008-09-06 David BartleyAdd sys/kbio.h
2008-09-06 David BartleyRemove old code from priocntl.c
2008-09-06 David BartleyMove some stuff from pthreaddef.h to kernel-features.h
2008-09-06 David BartleyDon't include sys/procfs_isa.h
2008-09-06 David BartleyRefactor some code in socketP.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyMore header fixes
2008-09-05 David BartleyFix a bunch of headers
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd x86/Versions (contains sysi86 for now)
2008-09-05 David BartleyImplement sysi86
2008-09-05 David BartleyOops, we don't have sys/sysi86.h yet
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd sys/filio.h and fix up some other headers
2008-09-05 David BartleyUpdate TODO.opensolaris
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd sys/kd.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyImplement thr_stksegment
2008-09-05 David BartleyInclude string.h in *sourcefilter.c
2008-09-05 David BartleyRevert "Make sure we always use the new procfs api"
2008-09-05 David Bartleyproc_service.h also is linux-specific
2008-09-05 David BartleyThe "generic" thread_db.h is really linux-specific
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd thread_db.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyMake sure we always use the new procfs api
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd malloc-machine.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyFix formatting in synch.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd sys/old_procfs.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyFix procfs.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyAdd sys/vm.h and sys/vmparam.h
2008-09-05 David Bartleythread.h should #include synch.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyUse LWP_* instead of THR_* in lwp_create syscall
2008-09-05 David BartleyInstall thread_db.h and proc_service.h
2008-09-05 David BartleyDon't set ATTR_FLAG_STACKADDR if stack_address is 0
2008-09-04 David Bartleylwp_wait may return ERESTART
2008-09-04 David BartleyImplement thr_setprio and thr_getprio
2008-09-04 David Bartleynot-cancel.h needs to check for ERESTART
2008-09-04 David BartleyFix ERESTART check in sysdep-cancel.h
2008-09-04 David BartleyUse pthread_*sched* in pthread_create.c
2008-09-04 David BartleyUpdate TODO.opensolaris
2008-09-04 David BartleyInstall thread_db.h
2008-09-04 David BartleyMove lwpid_t definition to bits/types.h
2008-09-04 David BartleyFix recursive include in pthread_self.c
2008-09-04 David BartleyInstall proc_service.h
2008-09-04 David BartleyImplement _lwp_sema_init
2008-09-04 David BartleyImplement _lwp_info
2008-09-04 David BartleyFix lwp_join
2008-09-04 David BartleyImplement _lwp_*
2008-09-04 David BartleyRename *_priv.* to *P.*
2008-09-04 David BartleyMove SYS_SUB_* into syscall_priv.h
2008-09-04 David BartleyFix sched_*
2008-09-02 David BartleyImplement getsourcefilter, setsourcefilter, getipv4sour...
2008-09-02 David BartleyUse alloca conditionally in pselect.c
2008-09-02 David BartleyImplement thr_continue and thr_suspend
2008-09-02 David BartleyAdd comment in dl-execstack.c
2008-09-02 David BartleyImplement get_zone_id
2008-09-02 David BartleyImplement profil and sprofil
2008-09-01 David BartleyUpdate TODO.opensolaris
2008-09-01 David BartleyRename priv.c to priv_priv.c
2008-09-01 David BartleyImplement more zone stuff
2008-09-01 David BartleyNeed to #include <sysdep-cancel.h> when CANCEL_HANDLED...
2008-09-01 David BartleyImplement dl-execstack.c
2008-09-01 David BartleyAdd -fexceptions to some CFLAGS
2008-09-01 David BartleyFix internal name of msgrcv
2008-09-01 David BartleyFix cfa magic
2008-08-31 David BartleyAdd waitid_not_cancel
2008-08-31 David BartleyFormatting fix
2008-08-31 David BartleyAdd sys/siginfo.h
2008-08-31 David Bartleythread.h needs sys/signal.h
2008-08-31 David BartleySet ebp to 0 initially
2008-08-31 David BartleyFix some cfa magic
2008-08-31 David BartleyCDISABLE is an internal function so need to pass-by...
2008-08-29 David BartleyRestore nptl/sysdeps/pthread/aio_misc.h
2008-08-29 David BartleyFix sys/segments.h and move it to x86
2008-08-29 David BartleySet header.multiple_threads in createthread.c
2008-08-29 David BartleyFix bug in pthread_rwlock_init
2008-08-29 David BartleyAdd support for USYNC_PROCESS_ROBUST
2008-08-29 David BartleyCheck type in cond_init and rwlock_init
2008-08-29 David BartleyAdd macros to test for self-ownership of a mutex
2008-08-29 David BartleyAdd aio_misc.h
2008-08-29 David BartleyMove sys/stack.h into x86
2008-08-29 David BartleyMove some i386 headers into x86
2008-08-29 David Bartleycond_* and sigaction need to be compiled with -fexceptions
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement settaskid, gettaskid, getprojid, and utssys
2008-08-28 David BartleyInstall pcsample.h
2008-08-28 David BartleyImplement pcsample