1998-05-08 dreppermv replacement to only move if target differs from...
1998-05-08 drepperMake directory hierachy.
1998-05-08 drepperBSD install replacement.
1998-05-08 drepperGenerate FAQ from FAQ.in.
1998-05-08 drepperHelper for config.guess.
1998-05-08 drepperGuess configuration.
1998-05-08 drepperPrepend __ to definition in given file.
1998-05-08 drepperFind mkinstalldirs and move-if-change in $(..)scripts...
1998-05-08 drepperLook in scripts for config.guess, config.sub, install-sh.
1998-05-08 drepperFind move-if-change in scripts.
1998-05-08 drepperDistribute various scripts files in their new home...
1998-05-08 drepperMoved into scripts subdir.
1998-05-08 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-08 drepperHandled headers generated by rpcgen correctly.
1998-05-08 drepperDT_INTERP info for startup file.
1998-05-08 drepperBuild interp.os.
1998-05-08 drepperVersion strings.
1998-05-08 drepper__libc-subinit implementation.
1998-05-08 drepperScript to generate __libc_init.
1998-05-08 drepperTemplate for __libc_init function.
1998-05-08 drepperBuild set-init.o and/or munch-init.o. Build version...
1998-05-08 drepperAdd emacs mode marker, and also unconfuse syntax highli...
1998-05-08 drepper(interp-obj): It lives in elf now. Only use it if...
1998-05-08 drepper(+subdir-inits): Delete variable.
1998-05-08 drepperAdd emacs mode marker.
1998-05-08 drepperMoveed into subdirectory.
1998-05-08 drepperChange italian to it_IT.ISO-8859-1.
1998-05-08 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-08 drepperAdd capset and capget syscalls.
1998-05-08 drepperMake sure gconv-modules is distributed.
1998-05-08 drepperFix little problem with iconv-test.
1998-05-08 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-08 drepper(generated): Remove rpcsvc/*.
1998-05-08 drepper(generated): Set to wordexp-test-result*.
1998-05-08 drepper(generated-dirs): Add ld-test-names to list.
1998-05-08 drepperClean up.
1998-05-08 drepper(generated): Set to *-generated-headers plus gconv...
1998-05-08 drepperAdd sys/kernel_termios.h.
1998-05-08 drepper[subdir=elf]: Define sysdep-others, not others.
1998-05-08 drepperAdd ldd-rewrite.sed.
1998-05-08 drepperAdd utmpx.h and bits/utmpx.h.
1998-05-08 drepper(repertoires): Rename to repertoiremaps.
1998-05-08 drepper(distribute): Add TESTS.
1998-05-08 drepper(distribute): Add loop.s and skeleton.c.
1998-05-08 drepperAlso use tests-statc where tests is used.
1998-05-08 drepper(+tsrcs): Also use tests-statc where tests is used.
1998-05-08 drepper(+tsrcs): Also use tests-statc where tests is used.
1998-05-08 drepperRemade for experimental-2.0.93
1998-05-08 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-08 drepperDon't use unsigned char * unless really necessary since...
1998-05-08 drepper(find_derivation): When look for cost examine cost_hi...
1998-05-08 drepper(builtin_modules): Initialize cost_hi from
1998-05-08 drepper(struct gconv_module): Remove cost field and add cost_h...
1998-05-08 drepper(top_check): Fix last change.
1998-05-07 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-07 drepper(_JMPBUF_UNWINDS): Define.
1998-05-07 drepperRegenerated: autoconf configure.in
1998-05-07 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-07 drepper(lib): Put back dependency on lib-noranlib.
1998-05-07 drepperUse long long int also for test in __pow2 implementation.
1998-05-07 drepper(top_check): Add void as parameter to silent gcc.
1998-05-06 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-06 drepperRemove syscall.h
1998-05-06 drepperStartup code for Linux/PPC.
1998-05-06 drepperUse result of test for broken gcc.
1998-05-06 drepperReduce the number of branches.
1998-05-06 drepperUpdate many of the epsilon to match actual performance.
1998-05-06 drepperUse result of test for broken gcc.
1998-05-06 drepperDon't build libndbm.a if !build-static.
1998-05-06 drepperNew test for broken gcc on PowerPC.
1998-05-06 drepperAdd definition for new autoconf test.
1998-05-06 drepper[!build-static]: Link `static' binaries with libc_pic.a.
1998-05-06 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-06 drepperCorrectly shift double word.
1998-05-06 drepper(pow): Use long long int for test for integer.
1998-05-06 drepper(pow_test): Add test for special value from PR libc...
1998-05-06 drepper(stubs): Fix circular dependency.
1998-05-06 drepper(chunk2mem_check, top_check): New functions.
1998-05-06 drepper(subdirs-stamps, subdirs-stamp-o): Always define.
1998-05-06 drepper(sysdep-subdirs, subdirs, $(common-objpfx)sysd-dirs,
1998-05-06 drepper(sysdep-subdirs, subdirs, $(common-objpfx)sysd-dirs,
1998-05-06 drepper(pow_test): Add test for special value from PR libc...
1998-05-06 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-06 drepperSolaris specific error numbers.
1998-05-06 drepperUndefine EILSEQ before including linux/errno.h.
1998-05-06 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-06 drepperSolaris2 specific type definitions.
1998-05-06 drepperAdd LFS support and use correct types overall.
1998-05-06 drepperAdd Solaris support.
1998-05-06 drepper(routines): Remove duplicate oldiofclose.
1998-05-05 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-05 drepperInclude <stdint.h>.
1998-05-05 drepperUse uint32_t instead of u_int32_t.
1998-05-05 drepperUpdate mailing list addresses.
1998-05-05 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-05 drepperFix type in __REDIRECT.
1998-05-05 drepperFix type in __REDIRECT.
1998-05-05 drepperUpdate.
1998-05-05 drepper(options): Fix help message.
1998-05-04 drepperUpdate.