2000-05-05 drepperfeclearexcept implementation for IA-64.
2000-05-05 drepperkELF startup code for IA-64.
2000-05-05 drepperFloating point environment definitions.
2000-05-05 drepperDefinitions for memprof implementation.
2000-05-05 drepperParameters for GMP functions for IA-64.
2000-05-05 drepperAdditional version definitions for IA-64.
2000-05-05 drepperAdditional Makefile for IA-64.
2000-05-05 drepperAdditional directories to use for IA-64.
2000-05-05 ajUpdate.
2000-05-05 aj2000-05-05 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-05 aj2000-05-05 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-05 aj2000-05-05 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-05 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-05 drepper(THREAD_SELF): Adjust use of p_self.
2000-05-05 drepper(__pthread_initial_thread): Adjust initialization.
2000-05-05 drepper(pthread_handle_create): Adjust use of p_self.
2000-05-05 drepper(struct _pthread_descr_struct): Reorganization.
2000-05-05 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-05 drepper(distribute): dl-lookupcfg.h.
2000-05-05 drepperAdditional files to distribute for IA-64.
2000-05-05 drepper(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Fix last change.
2000-05-05 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-05 drepperHelper function to get symbol address.
2000-05-05 drepperIA-64 specific ELF definitions.
2000-05-05 drepperFunctions to handle memory allocation for function...
2000-05-05 drepperIA-64 specific definition of lookup value method.
2000-05-05 drepperGeneric definition of lookup value method.
2000-05-05 drepper(LOOKUP_VALUE_ADDRESS): Check the validity of map befor...
2000-05-05 drepper(elf_machine_fixup_plt): Change return valuie to lookup...
2000-05-05 drepper(_dl_start): Get the function pointer return address via
2000-05-05 drepperAdd IA-64 specific definitions.
2000-05-05 drepper(_dl_symbol_value): Use LOOKUP_VALUE_ADDRESS to obtain...
2000-05-05 drepper(_dl_vsym): Use DL_SYMBOL_ADDRESS() to obtain the symbo...
2000-05-05 drepper(fixup): Add the value returned in the symbol lookup...
2000-05-05 drepper(RESOLVE_MAP): Define.
2000-05-05 drepper(_dl_lookup_symbol): Likewise.
2000-05-05 drepper(_dl_map_object_from_fd): Little of computation of...
2000-05-05 drepper(struct do_dlsym_args): Change loadbase to a lookup_t.
2000-05-05 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-05 drepperRemove incorrect definitions of <So> and <OR>.
2000-05-05 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-05 drepper(_SC* enum): Avoid comma at the end of enum.
2000-05-05 drepper(__gconv_t): Add __extension__ to make gcc -pedantic...
2000-05-05 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-05 drepper(main): Print the locale name as well in the error...
2000-05-04 geoffkUpdate sysdeps/powerpc/dl-start.S.
2000-05-04 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-04 drepper(dl_open_worker): Use l_map_start and l_map_end to...
2000-05-04 ajUpdate.
2000-05-04 aj2000-05-04 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-04 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_find_locale): Add new parameter to calls of _nl_ma...
2000-05-04 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-04 drepperMake fseeko and ftello prototypes available is __USE_LA...
2000-05-04 drepper(unsetenv): Follow change to the real unsetenv implemen...
2000-05-04 drepper(dcigettext): Do the defaulting of 'domainname' before...
2000-05-04 drepper(res_querydomain): Remove redefinition to __res_querydo...
2000-05-04 drepperUpdate from translation team.
2000-05-04 drepperDocument syscall function.
2000-05-04 drepperFix reference.
2000-05-04 drepperFix reference.
2000-05-04 drepper(Program Basics): Change section title.
2000-05-04 drepperNew node "Charset conversion in gettext".
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_load_domain): Look at the domainbinding's
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_make_l10nflist): Add domainbinding argument.
2000-05-04 drepper(struct loaded_l10nfile): Add domainbinding field.
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_find_domain): Add domainbinding argument.
2000-05-04 drepper(struct binding): Add codeset field.
2000-05-04 drepper(dcigettext): Pass binding to _nl_find_domain.
2000-05-04 drepper(set_binding_values): New function.
2000-05-04 drepper(bind_textdomain_codeset): New declaration.
2000-05-04 drepper(__open_catalog): Use __builtin_expect where appropriat...
2000-05-04 drepper(extend_alias_table): Return an error indicator.
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_load_domain): Use __builtin_expect where appropriate.
2000-05-04 drepper(dcigettext, _nl_find_msg): Use __builtin_expect where...
2000-05-04 drepper(__builtin_expect): Define as empty if not a compiler...
2000-05-04 drepper(__builtin_expect): Define as empty if not a compiler...
2000-05-04 drepperDefine _GNU_SOURCE as early as possible.
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_load_domain): Initialize domain->conv_tab.
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_find_msg): Terminate __gconv loop if return
2000-05-04 drepper(norm_add_slashes): Move away.
2000-05-04 drepper(norm_add_slashes): Move to here.
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_load_domain): Normalize strings passed to __gconv_...
2000-05-04 drepper(_nl_load_domain): Deal with EINTR. Include <errno.h>.
2000-05-04 drepper(transcmp): Compare the domains as well.
2000-05-04 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-04 drepperDeclare __strdup and __strndup if necessary.
2000-05-04 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-04 drepper(pthread_exit): Use THREAD_GETMEM_NC instead of THREAD_...
2000-05-04 drepperRemove @w from @itemize.
2000-05-02 ajUpdate.
2000-05-02 aj2000-05-02 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-02 ajUpdate.
2000-05-02 aj2000-05-02 Andreas Jaeger <aj@suse.de>
2000-05-02 ajUpdate.
2000-05-02 aj2000-04-30 Bruno Haible <haible@clisp.cons.org>
2000-05-01 drepperUpdate.
2000-05-01 drepperLinux dirent structure definition.
2000-05-01 drepperFunctions to convert AIX dirent structure to Linux...
2000-05-01 drepperUpdate.