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2011-07-15 Kyle SpaansJune 11 meeting notes on Unix bits master
2011-06-29 Kyle SpaansSean's Ruby script to improve tutorial
2011-06-28 Kyle Spaansscript for interactive shell teaching
2011-06-24 Kyle SpaansJune 23 meeting notes
2011-06-09 Kyle SpaansThursday May 9 meeting notes
2011-06-09 Kyle Spaansfirst draft of dialogue
2011-06-09 Kyle Spaansmeeting notes from Monday's meeting
2011-06-06 Kyle SpaansRevised notes before Monday June 6 meeting - still...
2011-06-04 Kyle Spaansnotes from last meeting, NEEDS CLEANUP
2011-06-01 Kyle Spaansmore ideas before our second meeting
2011-06-01 Kyle Spaanssome more fleshing out of the unix tut, but still work...
2011-06-01 Kyle Spaanswip: initial unix tut story board
2011-05-30 Kyle Spaansinitial commit of first meeting notes
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