2009-04-10 Kyle Spaansfixed "ref to user that DNE" bug
2009-04-10 Kyle Spaansmoved helper into ref-helper.ss and pretty printing...
2009-04-09 Kyle Spaansworking output using twopi
2009-04-09 Kyle SpaansWorking user post-count
2009-04-08 Kyle Spaansprettier printing for thread-hash
2009-04-08 Kyle SpaansThreading works, make-dot-id is fixed, but starts at...
2009-04-08 Kyle Spaansworking dot output, with gitignore for dot output file
2009-04-06 Kyle Spaansproperly correlating references with message IDs
2009-04-05 Kyle SpaansHelper function to generate unique IDs for DOT code...
2009-04-05 Kyle Spaansready to start putting reference headers into a hash...
2009-04-05 Kyle Spaanshelper function for finding references
2009-04-04 Kyle Spaansquick try at an "nntp-map" function. no go though
2009-03-31 Kyle Spaansrefactored message retreival into a helper function
2009-03-20 Kyle SpaansKeep post count for each user in hash table
2009-03-20 Kyle Spaansreading FROM headers into a hash table
2009-03-16 Kyle Spaansgood ideas for hash table to store users and their...
2009-03-14 Kyle SpaansWorking read from every newsgroup post
2009-03-14 Kyle SpaansSome small line length cleanups and a first attempt...
2009-03-12 Kyle Spaansprototype for touching each message in the group
2009-03-07 Kyle Spaansworking file for initial connections and header reading.
2009-03-07 Kyle SpaansPurpose of this repo/project