descriptionA Scheme program to generate graphs based on interactions in newsgroups
ownerKyle Spaans
last changeTue, 28 Apr 2009 01:52:21 +0000 (21:52 -0400)
2009-04-28 Kyle SpaansWork on data, threading and printing of threads master
2009-04-20 Kyle Spaansworking new users per day
2009-04-20 Kyle Spaansuserstats function initial implementation
2009-04-17 Kyle SpaansCleanup: moved major functions into their own modules cleanup
2009-04-17 Kyle Spaansposts-per-day plus .gitignore cleanup
2009-04-15 Kyle Spaansposts-per-day function, plus minor cleanups
2009-04-13 Kyle Spaansprep for pushing to github
2009-04-11 Kyle Spaansideas for next steps
2009-04-10 Kyle Spaansprettier DOT graphs
2009-04-10 Kyle Spaansfixed bug with new posts from existing users
2009-04-10 Kyle Spaansfixed "ref to user that DNE" bug
2009-04-10 Kyle Spaansmoved helper into and pretty printing...
2009-04-09 Kyle Spaansworking output using twopi
2009-04-09 Kyle SpaansWorking user post-count
2009-04-08 Kyle Spaansprettier printing for thread-hash
2009-04-08 Kyle SpaansThreading works, make-dot-id is fixed, but starts at...
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