Checkout and Return system complete
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2013-12-16 John LadanCheckout and Return system complete
2013-11-09 Christopher HawthorneMerging changes to
2013-11-09 Christopher HawthorneAdded permission checking. Added unit tests for the...
2013-10-27 John LadanMade sizes of windows better, and easier to change
2013-10-25 John LadanFinished changing over to new
2013-10-25 John LadanText entry allows wider strings, and fixed code
2013-10-23 John LadanOne function to convert query result to a book.
2013-10-23 John LadanCleaned files, started to follow naming convention
2013-10-21 John Ladanpython3 conversion
2012-06-15 John Ladanadded lookup by lccn
2012-03-31 John Ladanviewing and deleting trash works
2012-03-30 John LadanWindows are drawn in better positions now
2012-03-27 John Ladanhelp bar more sensible now
2012-03-25 John Ladancan now add categories from the category viewer
2012-03-24 John Ladangeneralized the form to add inheritance options
2012-03-24 John Ladanimproved the category browser
2012-03-24 John Ladanadded category viewer
2012-03-22 John Ladanadded browser baseclass for inheritance purposes
2012-03-21 John LadanAdded help bar
2012-03-21 John LadanColumn widths now generated from definitions
2012-03-20 John LadanWindows clean up after themselves properly
2012-03-20 John Ladanviewing book (without changing original) from browser
2012-03-20 John LadanWe're basically functional now
2012-03-20 John Ladanstarted objectifying add/update/view book form
2012-03-20 John Ladanbrowser has scrolling now
2012-03-20 John Ladanbrowser window displays properly
2012-03-19 John LadanBetter name for db module
2012-03-17 John Ladannow adds books to database
2012-03-17 John Ladanpgup, pgdn support, and returns a book thing
2012-03-17 John Ladanbackspace and typing working now
2012-03-17 John Ladancharacters can now be inserted into form fields.
2012-03-16 John Ladanleft and right keys implemented in the form
2012-03-15 John Ladanadded exit function
2012-03-15 John LadanExtensive progress on add/update form
2012-03-15 John LadanRevert "More work on book data form."
2012-03-15 John LadanMore work on book data form.
2012-03-14 John LadanMore work on book data form.
2012-03-10 John LadanPlaceholders for library functions
2012-03-10 John LadanNow working on actual librarian