2013-10-27 John LadanMade sizes of windows better, and easier to change
2013-10-25 John LadanFinished changing over to new
2013-10-25 jladanUpdated TODO to match current state
2013-10-25 John LadanCase insensitive searching; fixed column sorting
2013-10-25 John LadanText entry allows wider strings, and fixed code
2013-10-25 John LadanAdded home and end to browser window.
2013-10-23 John LadanAdded todo item for search error.
2013-10-23 John LadanOne function to convert query result to a book.
2013-10-23 John LadanCleaned files, started to follow naming convention
2013-10-22 John Ladanfinishing fixing bugs from last commit
2013-10-21 John Ladanpython3 conversion
2013-10-12 John Ladanfixed some bugs
2013-10-08 John LadanChanged the database layer to be more sensible
2012-06-24 John Ladanmore todo
2012-06-24 John LadanAdded feature to TODO
2012-06-24 John Ladanimproved showing row to properly clear first.\n\nAlso...
2012-06-24 John Ladansort books by any column
2012-06-15 John Ladanadded some desired features
2012-06-15 John Ladanadded lookup by lccn
2012-04-01 John Ladanarrow keys between buttons now work.
2012-04-01 John Ladanborders around browser windows.
2012-04-01 John Ladancan now browse books by category
2012-04-01 John Ladansignificant improvements to database (adding/removing...
2012-04-01 John Ladanfixed that annoying bug.
2012-03-31 John Ladanbooks restored from trash, but there's an error when...
2012-03-31 John Ladanviewing and deleting trash works
2012-03-31 John Ladanadded function to get books in category to dbLayer
2012-03-30 John Ladanfixed bug in helpbar, made help easier for browsers
2012-03-30 John Ladanoops! never added
2012-03-30 John Ladansearching
2012-03-30 John LadanWindows are drawn in better positions now
2012-03-28 John Ladancategorizing books now works
2012-03-27 John Ladandeletion of books now works
2012-03-27 John Ladandeletion of categories now supported
2012-03-27 John Ladanhelp bar more sensible now
2012-03-27 John LadandbLayer improvements
2012-03-27 John Ladanmade getCategories more like getBooks (need id as well)
2012-03-27 John Ladanadded selecting to browser window
2012-03-25 John Ladancan now add categories from the category viewer
2012-03-24 John Ladangeneralized the form to add inheritance options
2012-03-24 John Ladanimproved the category browser
2012-03-24 John Ladanadded category viewer
2012-03-22 John Ladanstarted on category browser
2012-03-22 John Ladanoops, forgot to check first
2012-03-22 John Ladanmore dbLayer category additions
2012-03-22 John Ladanadded some database stuff for categories
2012-03-22 John Ladanadded browser baseclass for inheritance purposes
2012-03-22 John Ladanfixed some book-lookup stuff
2012-03-21 John LadanAdded help bar
2012-03-21 John LadanColumn widths now generated from definitions
2012-03-20 John LadanWindows clean up after themselves properly
2012-03-20 John Ladanviewing book (without changing original) from browser
2012-03-20 John Ladanupdating from browser works now
2012-03-20 John LadanWe're basically functional now
2012-03-20 John LadanFinished objectifying add/update book form
2012-03-20 John Ladanmore objectifying add/update book form
2012-03-20 John Ladanstarted objectifying add/update/view book form
2012-03-20 John Ladanbrowser has scrolling now
2012-03-20 John Ladanbrowser window displays properly
2012-03-19 John Ladanbrowser window started
2012-03-19 John Ladandb update, delete, getBooks should work
2012-03-19 John LadanBetter name for db module
2012-03-17 John Ladannow adds books to database
2012-03-17 John Ladansqlite3 interface for addition of books
2012-03-17 John Ladanpgup, pgdn support, and returns a book thing
2012-03-17 John Ladanbackspace and typing working now
2012-03-17 John LadanTool for seeing what key is pressed
2012-03-17 John Ladancharacters can now be inserted into form fields.
2012-03-16 John Ladanleft and right keys implemented in the form
2012-03-15 John Ladanadded exit function
2012-03-15 John LadanExtensive progress on add/update form
2012-03-15 John LadanRevert "More work on book data form."
2012-03-15 John LadanMore work on book data form.
2012-03-14 John LadanMore work on book data form.
2012-03-13 John LadanopenLibrary converted to more useable format
2012-03-11 John Ladanstarted creation of book info format
2012-03-11 John Ladanbeginnings of retrieving book data from openLibrary
2012-03-10 John LadanPlaceholders for library functions
2012-03-10 John LadanNow working on actual librarian
2012-03-10 John Ladanthe menu displays in the window properly now
2012-03-10 John Ladanhighighting fixed
2012-03-10 John Ladanfixed cursor and q for quit in menu
2012-03-10 John Ladanfixed cursor and q for quit in menu
2012-03-10 John Ladanpreliminary menu design (test)
2012-03-09 John Ladanadded a test curses
2012-03-09 John LadanInitial tests with curses