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2015-05-11 Gianni Gambetticheckout success/failure for integrity error, and datab... master origin/HEAD origin/master
2014-10-19 Gianni GambettiFixed category sorting for books ('c' on a book), found...
2014-01-13 John LadanPackaging set up
2013-12-19 John LadanMoving code about for packaging
2013-12-19 John Ladandatabase files put in /users/libcom/
2013-12-16 John LadanA couple of TODOs added
2013-12-16 John LadanCheckout and Return system complete
2013-12-13 John LadanCouple more checkout related functions
2013-11-29 John LadanQuery checked out books added to db_layer
2013-11-28 John Ladanadded checkout functionality to db + some cleanup
2013-11-09 John LadanAddForm works again???
2013-11-09 John Ladanmade tests use python3
2013-11-09 Christopher... Merging changes to
2013-11-09 Christopher... Added permission checking. Added unit tests for the...
2013-11-06 John LadanAdded an exception for timeout
2013-10-27 John LadanSearch forward and back now handles case-sensitive
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