tab support finally lands in ceo
[mspang/pyceo.git] / ceo / urwid /
2010-09-25 Jeremy Romantab support finally lands in ceo jbroman/tab-key
2009-11-24 Jeremy Brandon Romanadded ability to use first letter of menu items
2009-08-23 Michael SpangAdd labels to main menu
2008-06-03 Nick GuentherWe've gone from not having a library, to having a basic...
2008-02-16 David BartleyAdd library stubs and refactor menu creation
2008-01-23 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/public/pyceo
2008-01-23 David BartleyRefactor uwldap constants
2007-12-18 David BartleyImproved tab-completion
2007-12-18 David BartleyAdd tab completion for userid fields
2007-12-16 Michael SpangRemove chfn and chsh and allow shell changes in the gui
2007-12-14 Michael SpangReorganize namespace