Update CEO for latest package versions on Jessie
[mspang/pyceo.git] / etc /
2013-02-07 Sarah Harveyupdated configs to change ceod to run on aspartame...
2012-09-10 Sarah Harveychanged mailman host to mail instead of caffeine
2011-09-17 Michael SpangAllow CM club to disable mailman subscription
2011-09-03 Elana HashmanAdded progcom contact to welcome message
2011-08-26 Jeremy Romantell ceod when it is a club rep; club reps don't need...
2011-08-26 Jeremy Romanwelcome message
2010-09-25 Jeremy Romanadding users to csc-general jbroman/mailing-list
2010-02-01 Michael EllisReworded expired account email. Club rep accounts can... dt/master
2009-09-10 Michael SpangKill mathsoclist
2009-09-10 Michael SpangAdd mysql database stuff
2009-09-08 Michael EllisFixed Library: Added signing to AWS requests.
2009-08-23 Michael SpangAdd mail changing
2009-07-30 David BartleySet acl's for club home directories.
2009-07-30 Michael SpangMerge commit 'ceod'
2009-07-29 Michael SpangMerge commit 'public/master' into ceod
2009-07-29 Michael SpangInsanify configuration files
2009-07-29 Michael SpangInstall ceo daemon
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonPatches to library for adding books.
2009-01-16 Michael GregsonUpdating install process.
2009-01-16 Michael GregsonDebugging
2007-12-20 Michael SpangAdd club representative support
2007-12-14 Michael SpangReorganize build process
2007-12-12 Michael SpangMake CEO non-SUID
2007-12-12 Michael SpangMerge accounts and members
2007-12-05 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/public/pyceo
2007-12-05 Michael SpangUpdate default config for SASL magic
2007-10-26 Michael SpangRemove remnants of SQL interface
2007-10-05 Michael SpangUpdate config defaults for usergroups
2007-10-05 Michael SpangAdjust ID ranges in accounts.cf
2007-07-07 Michael SpangInclude ldap.cf in members.cf by default.
2007-01-29 Michael SpangAdded "addhomedir", a utility to create home directorie...
2007-01-28 Michael SpangNew release (version 0.2). v0.2
2007-01-27 Michael SpangMoved files into their new locations prior to commit...
2007-01-27 Michael SpangInitial import (version 0.1). v0.1