Reorganize build process
[mspang/pyceo.git] / pylib / csc / apps / urwid /
2007-12-12 Michael SpangMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/srv/git/public/pyceo
2007-12-12 David BartleyRemove remaining bits of uid check
2007-12-12 Michael SpangMake CEO non-SUID
2007-12-12 Michael SpangMerge accounts and members
2007-12-12 David BartleyRename variables named 'type'
2007-12-03 David BartleyFix seteuid magic
2007-11-28 David BartleyOffice staff can modify office staff
2007-11-28 David BartleyRestrict non-club modifications to syscom
2007-11-28 David BartleyConnect on startup
2007-11-28 David BartleyAdd group/club management
2007-11-15 David BartleyComplete group and position management