2009-07-29 Michael SpangMerge commit 'public/master' into ceod
2009-07-29 Michael SpangInsanify configuration files
2009-07-29 Michael SpangInstall ceo daemon
2009-07-29 Michael SpangFix redundant arguments to linker
2009-07-29 Michael SpangFix home directory error handling
2009-07-29 Michael SpangMake connection failure message more clear
2009-07-29 Michael SpangUse --as-needed when linking
2009-07-29 Michael SpangRemove unused vars
2009-07-29 Michael SpangResurrect linux homedir support
2009-07-29 Michael SpangKill zfsaddhomedir
2009-07-29 Michael SpangAbort on unexpected SCTP errors
2009-07-29 Michael SpangFix changelog version
2009-07-29 Michael SpangIgnore debhelper log
2009-07-29 Michael SpangRemove Solaris LDFLAGS
2009-07-28 mgregsonMoving from zfsaddhomedir to simpleaddhomedir.
2009-07-28 mgregsonAdded simpleaddhomedir to makefile.
2009-07-28 mgregsonFixed stupid shit with incorrect arg counting.
2009-07-28 mgregsonModifying zfsaddhomedir to operate on not-zfs stuff...
2009-07-25 Michael SpangUpdate call to kadm5_init_with_skey
2009-07-25 Michael SpangRemove kadmin headers
2009-07-25 Michael SpangRequire TGT in ldap_init
2009-07-25 Michael SpangFail op handling if unathenticated
2009-07-25 Michael SpangMake kerberos code more verbose
2009-07-25 Michael SpangFix networking bugs
2009-07-25 Michael SpangRemove keytab configuration
2009-07-25 Michael SpangAdd python-psycopg to depends
2009-07-25 Michael SpangAdd python-sqlobject to depends
2009-07-24 Michael SpangMake lintian happy
2009-07-24 Michael SpangAdd libsctp-dev to build dependencies
2009-07-20 Michael SpangRemove pointless indentation
2009-07-20 Michael SpangRevert "I bet this speeds up the compilation"
2009-07-20 Michael SpangRevert "Use rsync in zfsaddhomedir"
2009-06-26 David BartleyFix typo in debian/control
2009-06-26 Anthony "Hat... Updated the dependencies list to include all necessary...
2009-06-18 Michael GregsonAdded comments containing code to add new members to...
2009-06-12 David BartleyGet rid of compile warning
2009-06-12 David BartleyA bit better error handling
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonWee! New version of CEO
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonFixing overdue check.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonFixing library search shit.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonOoops
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonWindow now goes away, hopefully.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonUpdating changelog.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonMagic! Shit works. Books can be added.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonCorrect book counting.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonWee! Conf should work?
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonMaybe?
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonMaybe now?
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonNow have uncomment add book menu item.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonFixing imports.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonAdding pymazon.
2009-03-11 Michael GregsonPatches to library for adding books.
2009-02-24 David BartleyRelease 0.4.20 v0.4.20
2009-02-24 David BartleyUpdate kadmin headers
2009-02-18 Michael SpangBuild for lenny
2009-02-18 Michael SpangFix lintian warnings
2009-01-31 Michael SpangRemove pointless indentation
2009-01-31 Michael SpangRevert "I bet this speeds up the compilation"
2009-01-31 Michael SpangRevert "Use rsync in zfsaddhomedir"
2009-01-31 Michael SpangFree everything before exiting
2009-01-31 Michael SpangNothing to see here
2009-01-31 Michael SpangDon't install op-adduser to /usr/bin
2009-01-31 Michael SpangFix clean
2009-01-31 Michael SpangFix clean
2009-01-31 Michael SpangRemove obsolete code
2009-01-31 Michael SpangAdjust Makefile
2009-01-31 Michael SpangUpdate .gitignore
2009-01-31 Michael SpangCall ceod in addmember and addclub
2009-01-31 Michael SpangAdd op-adduser
2009-01-31 Michael SpangRemove some unused config vars
2009-01-31 Michael SpangAdd ceoc
2009-01-31 Michael SpangMake more noise in config parser
2009-01-31 Michael SpangAdd ceod
2009-01-31 Michael SpangFix fallout from format magic
2009-01-31 Michael SpangUse __attribute__(format) magic
2009-01-31 Michael SpangDon't forget to flush
2009-01-31 Michael SpangConvert logging to strbufs
2009-01-31 Michael SpangAdd strbuf API
2009-01-31 Michael SpangLDAP tweaks
2009-01-31 Michael SpangLog Kerberos errors consistently
2009-01-31 Michael SpangDisable logging to stderr if it is not a tty
2009-01-31 Michael SpangRejigger the Makefile
2009-01-31 Michael SpangFix build on Solaris
2009-01-31 Michael SpangUse different CFLAGS for debug & package builds
2009-01-31 Michael SpangSet configuration directory from the environment
2009-01-31 Michael SpangIgnore swap files and deleted NFS files
2009-01-31 Michael SpangForbid adding users who have a group's name
2009-01-31 Michael SpangUpdate notify-hook from /etc
2009-01-30 David BartleyI bet this speeds up the compilation
2009-01-30 David BartleyMake mspang happy
2009-01-30 David BartleyUse rsync in zfsaddhomedir
2009-01-28 Michael GregsonPatching
2009-01-28 Michael GregsonReleasing changes.
2009-01-28 Michael GregsonMerge branch 'master' of
2009-01-28 Michael GregsonAdded search for books that are signed out.
2009-01-23 David BartleyOne of those LdapWordEdit was not meant to be
2009-01-23 David BartleyAdd username autocomplete to library
2009-01-18 Michael SpangMake C configuration even more insane
2009-01-18 Michael SpangRemove unused vars
2009-01-18 Michael SpangUpdate config.o deps