2011-03-04 Michael SpangUpdate changelog v0.5.10
2011-03-04 Michael SpangAdd m4burns to debian/control
2011-03-04 Michael SpangFix squeeze build warnings
2011-02-28 Marc BurnsModified ceo/urwid/ to display message when...
2010-10-14 Michael SpangUpdate changelog
2010-10-14 Michael SpangAdd jbroman to uploaders
2010-10-14 Michael SpangMake ceod build with kerberos 1.8
2010-10-14 Michael SpangFix freopen properly
2010-09-27 Jeremy Romanfixed changelog
2010-09-27 Jeremy Romanfixed bug reported by jdonland
2010-09-25 Jeremy Romanadjust changelog to make debuild happy
2010-09-25 Jeremy Romanupdate changelog for 0.5.8
2010-09-25 Jeremy Romanadding users to csc-general jbroman/mailing-list
2010-09-25 Jeremy Romansqueeze support
2010-09-25 Jeremy Romanadd new members for multiple terms jbroman/multiterm
2010-09-25 Jeremy Romantab support finally lands in ceo jbroman/tab-key
2010-09-14 Jeremy Romanupdating the changelog
2010-09-14 Jeremy Romanadd Office Manager position to positions list
2010-08-19 Michael EllisAdded phpmyadmin URL to mysql info file
2010-06-19 Michael Ellisfixing my email in changelog
2010-06-19 Michael EllisNo more office/syscom entries. Check if group is valid
2010-06-18 Michael EllisDon't use uwdir emails for expired accounts since we...
2010-05-09 Michael SpangBump version to 0.5.7
2010-05-09 Michael SpangReadd quota support
2010-02-01 Michael EllisReworded expired account email. Club rep accounts can... dt/master
2010-01-19 Michael SpangFix expiredaccounts
2009-12-20 Michael SpangBump version to 0.5.6 v0.5.6
2009-12-15 Michael SpangRemove ternary operators
2009-11-24 Jeremy Brandon... added ability to use first letter of menu items
2009-11-15 Michael SpangFix auth for mysql database creation
2009-11-02 Michael SpangFix use of freopen
2009-11-02 Michael SpangBump version to 0.5.5 v0.5.5
2009-11-02 Michael SpangAdd CLI version of mysql thing
2009-11-02 Michael SpangAdd missing dependency on python-mysql
2009-11-02 Michael SpangBump version to 0.5.4 v0.5.4
2009-11-01 Michael SpangSwitch from SCTP to TCP
2009-10-24 Michael SpangBump version to 0.5.3 v0.5.3
2009-10-24 Michael SpangImprove error handling when writing
2009-10-24 Michael SpangEncrypt all post-auth ceoc<->ceod communication
2009-10-24 Michael SpangFail fast if not authenticated
2009-10-24 Michael SpangClarify email forwarding upon renewal
2009-09-21 Michael SpangFix gss error reporting bug
2009-09-16 Michael SpangBump version v0.5.2
2009-09-16 Michael SpangForce redraw after status thing
2009-09-16 Michael SpangAdd status thing
2009-09-10 Michael SpangBlacklist orphaned/expired from updateprograms
2009-09-10 Michael SpangKill mathsoclist
2009-09-10 Michael SpangWrite mysql file to ~club
2009-09-10 Michael SpangFix segfault
2009-09-10 Michael SpangMove some code
2009-09-10 Michael SpangClarify search operation in menu
2009-09-10 Michael SpangUpdate changelog and fix lintian warnings about it v0.5.1
2009-09-10 Michael SpangAdd mysql database stuff
2009-09-10 Michael SpangAdd manpage for ceod
2009-09-10 Michael SpangRename ceo-gui to ceo-python
2009-09-09 Michael SpangAdd
2009-09-09 Michael SpangKill Bartle's hybrid
2009-09-08 Michael SpangFix deadlock bug when daemonizing
2009-09-08 Michael SpangAdd init script for ceod
2009-09-08 Michael EllisFixed Library: Added signing to AWS requests.
2009-08-23 Michael SpangAdd labels to main menu
2009-08-23 Michael SpangAllow install if we have python-pyscopg2
2009-08-23 Michael SpangAdd UI for email forwarding
2009-08-23 Michael SpangAdd mail changing
2009-08-22 Jacob ParkerMerge branch 'master' of caffeine:/users/git/public...
2009-08-22 Jacob ParkerCreates a .forward file for users if they enter an...
2009-08-22 Michael SpangClean up password prompt
2009-08-06 David BartleyDepend on krb5 >= 1.7
2009-08-06 David BartleyAdd python-protobuf dependency
2009-08-06 Michael SpangAdd some reminders
2009-08-06 Michael SpangFix dependency of python protobuf
2009-08-06 Michael SpangDisallow realname = username in GUI
2009-08-06 Michael SpangUse ceoc directly in the gui
2009-08-06 Michael SpangAlways log to stderr in ceoc
2009-08-06 Michael SpangBuild python protobuf
2009-08-06 Michael SpangTrack errors
2009-07-31 Michael SpangChange directory only when detaching
2009-07-31 Michael SpangUse ldap_sasl_mech
2009-07-31 Michael SpangCleanup Makefile
2009-07-31 Michael SpangUse LOG_PID everywhere
2009-07-31 Michael SpangDunno how I ever thought this would work
2009-07-30 David BartleySet acl's for club home directories.
2009-07-30 Michael SpangHalf way to 1.0!
2009-07-30 Michael SpangInstall ceo to /usr not /usr/local
2009-07-30 Michael SpangMerge commit 'ceod'
2009-07-29 Michael SpangUpdates for LDAP-backed Kerberos
2009-07-29 Michael SpangAllow digits in variable names
2009-07-29 Michael SpangFix arguments mismatch insanity
2009-07-29 Michael SpangFix getgroups call error
2009-07-29 Michael SpangAdd some commas to dependencies
2009-07-29 Michael SpangMerge commit 'public/master' into ceod
2009-07-29 Michael SpangInsanify configuration files
2009-07-29 Michael SpangInstall ceo daemon
2009-07-29 Michael SpangFix redundant arguments to linker
2009-07-29 Michael SpangFix home directory error handling
2009-07-29 Michael SpangMake connection failure message more clear
2009-07-29 Michael SpangUse --as-needed when linking
2009-07-29 Michael SpangRemove unused vars
2009-07-29 Michael SpangResurrect linux homedir support
2009-07-29 Michael SpangKill zfsaddhomedir