Correct CSC phone extension in MUP.
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2007-08-12 David BartleyFixed event bugs and removed dead xsl code.
2007-08-11 David BartleyFixed xmlns="" garbage.
2007-08-11 David BartleyMerge branch 'master' of disk:/users/www/www/
2007-08-11 David BartleyNow use saxon8 instead of cow.
2007-08-10 David BartleyUpdated cow to return 1 on error (still needs work).
2007-07-23 David BartleyAdded *.xsl and events.xml.
2007-07-01 Michael SpangFix file permission brain damage.
2005-11-25 Holden Karaupants2
2005-11-25 Holden Karaudebug on
2004-02-28 Simon LawRemove the @term attribute, since we compute it based...
2003-01-21 Julie Lavoiefixed clean-recurse
2003-01-21 Julie LavoieAdded line to make 'make clean-recurse' target recurse...
2002-04-15 Stefanus Du ToitAdded csc:term()
2002-04-15 Stefanus Du ToitUse cow.
2002-04-15 Stefanus Du ToitFinally fix annoying $(ROOT) problem in makefiles.