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2003-09-14 Simon LawWe now have Debian GNU/Hurd K4.
2003-08-06 Simon LawAdded Gentoo 1.4
2003-07-04 Simon LawSlackware is added as a platform.
2003-06-12 Simon LawWe now have FreeBSD 5.1
2003-05-27 Simon LawFree OSes only.
2003-05-27 Simon LawRemoved Knoppix as they admitted they are non-free.
2003-05-18 Simon Law- We now have Hurd K3.
2003-05-12 Stefanus Du Toitfix streaming
2003-05-12 Stefanus Du Toittest.?
2003-05-12 Simon LawSwitch to sugar from aquata.
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du Toitport 8080 is back
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du Toitchange webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du Toitchange webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du Toitchange webcam to aquata temp
2003-04-15 Simon LawAdded more stuff about the webcam.
2003-04-12 Simon Law- Added new OSes
2003-03-26 Stefanus Du Toitstreaming
2003-03-26 Stefanus Du Toitwebcam...
2003-03-10 Simon Law- New ISOs
2003-02-10 Simon Law- Added new OS
2003-01-21 Julie LavoieAdded link to operating-systems.html from index page.
2003-01-21 Simon Law- Put in the right OS information
2003-01-20 Julie LavoieJust fixing spelling mistaken in MKLinux
2003-01-20 Julie Lavoieremove os
2003-01-20 Julie LavoieAdded more complete list of OSes available + descriptio...
2003-01-18 Julie LavoieList of OSes available from the CSC
2003-01-18 Julie LavoieAdded list of os page. Fixed mistake in website editing...
2002-04-26 Stefanus Du ToitAdded more stuff to the editing howto. Added content...
2002-04-23 Stefanus Du Toitactually add books/directory.xml
2002-04-23 Stefanus Du ToitAdded books... yay.
2002-04-15 Stefanus Du Toit.cvsignore stuff.
2002-04-14 Stefanus Du ToitAdded office stubs.