2004-02-06 Simon LawChanged the constitution during a general meeting on...
2004-02-02 Simon LawFix spelling error.
2004-02-02 Simon LawWe have a room number for the constitutional change.
2004-02-02 Simon LawPeri's disk is failing. Put up a notice.
2004-01-29 Simon LawAdd constitutional change as an event.
2004-01-26 Simon LawFix jlavoie's homepage URL.
2004-01-26 Simon LawNew executive for Winter 2004
2004-01-12 Simon LawWe now have FreeBSD 5.2
2003-11-28 Simon LawWe've got GNU K5 now.
2003-11-28 Simon LawCreate some .cvsignore files so that CVS stops complain...
2003-11-25 Stefanus Du... maddog map
2003-11-19 Stefanus Du... update maddog room
2003-11-19 Stefanus Du... added maddog event
2003-11-04 Stefanus Du... Added PwP
2003-11-04 Stefanus Du... Added PwP
2003-10-29 Simon LawFreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE is out.
2003-10-24 Simon LawWe now have Mandrake 9.2 for i586 and PowerPC
2003-10-23 Simon LawWe've now got Slackware 9.1 (i386)
2003-10-18 Simon LawWe have a new executive. Since last month...
2003-10-18 Simon LawAdd the .NET & Linux talk.
2003-10-12 Simon LawAdd Unix 103, Poster Team Meeting, and Sh talks.
2003-10-02 Stefanus Du... Added UNIX 101
2003-09-30 WebmasterFixed typo in president's manual section
2003-09-30 Stefanus Du... procedures manual wording
2003-09-30 Stefanus Du... procedures manual wording
2003-09-30 Stefanus Du... Update Copyright. Remove "recently switched" notice.
2003-09-30 Stefanus Du... Added poster team event
2003-09-17 Stefanus Du... fixing up exec page
2003-09-17 Stefanus Du... elections f2003
2003-09-14 Simon LawWe now have Debian GNU/Hurd K4.
2003-09-14 Simon LawAdd a pointer to the mailing lists we provide.
2003-09-09 Gary SimmonsAdded Fall 2003 elections
2003-08-13 James MorrisonAdd basic sysadmin stuff
2003-08-12 James MorrisonFix the link to the procedure manual source
2003-08-12 James MorrisonAdd the old procedures manual and start the president...
2003-08-06 James MorrisonDisabled accounts information
2003-08-06 Simon LawAdded Gentoo 1.4
2003-07-29 Simon LawFix ampersand.
2003-07-29 Simon LawAdd LaTeX work reports event.
2003-07-28 Gaelan D'costaAdded minutes for July 24th meeting.
2003-07-23 Simon LawAdd vi talk.
2003-07-17 Gaelan D'costaAdded Events Entry for Exec Meeting on July 24th -...
2003-07-14 James MorrisonMove the day of the sh talk
2003-07-09 James MorrisonAdd Jim Elliott's slides
2003-07-04 Simon LawSlackware is added as a platform.
2003-07-03 Simon LawCancelled Guelph trip.
2003-06-20 James MorrisonAdd siggraph video showing
2003-06-19 Gaelan D'costaAdded minutes to events page.
2003-06-19 James MorrisonI think I've gone commit happy
2003-06-19 James MorrisonMainframe talk is in MC2065
2003-06-19 James MorrisonDrivers Wanted
2003-06-19 James MorrisonAdd Guelph trip and Jim Elliott's talk.
2003-06-16 Simon LawAdded vi talk.
2003-06-13 Gaelan D'costaMy pathetic first attempt to add the Exec Meetings...
2003-06-12 Gaelan D'costachanged the cvs -d command from using ~www to /u/www...
2003-06-12 Simon LawWe now have FreeBSD 5.1
2003-06-10 Michael BiggsAdded an event. :)
2003-06-05 Simon LawTalk about glucose-fructose.
2003-06-05 Simon LawClose the <short> tag.
2003-06-05 Michael BiggsUpdated events for Pints with Profs.
2003-05-29 Simon LawFixed date of Unix 102.
2003-05-28 Simon LawAdd Unix tutorials
2003-05-27 Simon LawFree OSes only.
2003-05-27 Simon LawRemoved Knoppix as they admitted they are non-free.
2003-05-22 Simon LawChanged WatSFiC.
2003-05-18 Simon Law- Fixed /office/library/ to point to /office/books...
2003-05-18 Simon Law- We now have Hurd K3.
2003-05-17 Simon Law- Mention the DocBook sources.
2003-05-17 Simon Law- Added Cass as the Librarian
2003-05-15 Stefanus Du... added news
2003-05-15 Stefanus Du... new exec
2003-05-15 Stefanus Du... Added the executive manual
2003-05-15 Stefanus Du... Added execmanual
2003-05-12 Stefanus Du... fix streaming
2003-05-12 Stefanus Du... test.?
2003-05-12 Simon LawSwitch to sugar from aquata.
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du... port 8080 is back
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du... change webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du... change webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-11 Stefanus Du... change webcam to aquata temp
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... fixed up many clubs
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... fixup clubs
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... added clubs
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... really added users
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... added user page
2003-05-06 Stefanus Du... add s2003 elects
2003-04-15 Simon LawAdded more stuff about the webcam.
2003-04-12 Simon Law- Added new OSes
2003-03-26 Stefanus Du... streaming
2003-03-26 Stefanus Du... webcam...
2003-03-25 Simon Law- Reverted jlavoie's duplicates.
2003-03-25 Simon Law- Added short for McCool's talk
2003-03-25 Julie Lavoieadded events
2003-03-21 Simon Law- New events added.
2003-03-10 Simon Law- New ISOs
2003-02-23 Simon Law- Add BSD event
2003-02-10 Simon Law- Fix typo in LaTeX talk
2003-02-10 Simon Law- New LaTeX talk
2003-02-10 Simon Law- Added new OS
2003-01-29 Julie Lavoiemodified abstract for unix tutorial.