add vonig modal on load to create client object from user input
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2012-11-19 Owen Smithadd vonig modal on load to create client object from...
2012-11-19 Owen Smithbuilding out wrapper for client
2012-11-19 Owen Smithquote change
2012-11-19 Owen Smithtable to display selected things, checkout modal. stuff...
2012-11-19 Owen Smithswitched to scss sysntax. enabled relative assets ...
2012-11-19 Owen Smithchanging root path for development, might just start...
2012-11-19 Owen Smithrequest data on upc and throw it in an alert on hitting...
2012-11-19 Owen Smithadded a thing to get product data for UPC-A codes using...
2012-11-18 Owen Smithjs file stub
2012-11-18 Owen Smithremoved navbar. added sticky footer
2012-11-18 Owen Smithjs onto the page
2012-11-18 Owen Smithforgot thrift file
2012-11-18 Owen Smithadded thrift files
2012-11-18 Owen Smithremove compass reset, since bootstrap does that
2012-11-18 Owen Smithadding responsive import
2012-11-18 Owen Smithadded basic bootstrap template
2012-11-18 Owen Smithimport bootstrap
2012-11-18 Owen Smithremoving ie specific stylesheet
2012-11-18 Owen Smithcreated compass project