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ownerOwen Michael Smith
last changeSat, 24 Nov 2012 04:05:17 +0000 (23:05 -0500)
2012-11-24 Owen Smithtry around parsing upc data master
2012-11-24 Owen Smithreturn fail when couldn't contact server
2012-11-24 Owen Smithremoving unused file
2012-11-24 Owen Smithfailure modals on purchase
2012-11-24 Owen Smithremove callback logic from getprice
2012-11-23 Owen Smithlol, was never passing upcs ever
2012-11-21 Owen Smithsmaller remove button
2012-11-21 Owen Smith)
2012-11-21 Owen Smithtotal
2012-11-21 Owen Smithformat as currency
2012-11-21 Owen Smithtitle
2012-11-21 Owen Smithonly clear selection on success
2012-11-21 Owen Smithsexy data-binding with knockout.js. huzzah it doing...
2012-11-21 Owen Smithclear the card value. close the modal on success
2012-11-21 Owen Smithbigger checkout plugin
2012-11-21 Owen Smiththings kinda work now. switched sha1 implementations...
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