2016-08-01 Zachary SeguinRemove the leading zero in the month, which breaks... master
2016-06-01 Zachary SeguinAvoid using PHP for the expired sites
2016-05-02 Jordan PrydeFixed summer term and sorting bugs
2016-02-21 Zachary SeguinAdd whitelist of users to not disable (ex. ctdalek)
2016-02-02 Zachary Seguincd before git pull
2016-02-02 Zachary SeguinBug fix: check for uncomitted changes first
2016-02-02 Zachary SeguinDo not commit if there are uncommited changes in apache...
2016-02-02 Zachary SeguinMinor bug fix
2016-02-02 Zachary SeguinCron update
2016-02-02 Zachary SeguinUpdated for cron
2016-01-25 Zachary SeguinBug fix where parking page was not always shown
2016-01-14 Zachary SeguinFix bug where 1-month grace period was ignored
2015-12-05 Zachary SeguinOnly generate configuration for members who have a...
2015-12-05 Zachary SeguinChange backticks to $()
2015-12-05 Zachary SeguinInitial commit