Add coffee
[public/hosts.git] /
2017-01-21 Zachary SeguinAdd coffee
2017-01-15 Zachary SeguinAdd ginkgo-ipmi
2017-01-15 Zachary SeguinChange peppercorn to ginkgo
2017-01-05 Zachary SeguinAdd new hosts
2016-11-29 Zachary SeguinAdd new hosts; update names of networks
2016-09-22 Zachary SeguinAdd yerba-mate and guayusa
2016-09-22 Zachary Seguinsucrose, dextrose and hfcs ipmi are now in DNS
2016-07-18 Jordan Pryderemove sodium-benzoate-private
2016-07-18 Jordan PrydeTTL expired for cobalamin
2016-07-18 Jordan Prydeforgot to override ldap2 and kdc2
2016-07-18 Jordan Prydeoverride cobalamin while it transitions to it's new IP
2016-06-10 Jordan PrydeAdded officeterm-vm-test to the office terminals sectio...
2016-06-02 Jordan PrydeAdded testing vm so that emails don't get generated...
2016-02-29 Zachary SeguinRe-order debian/mirror entries for correct reversing
2016-02-29 Zachary SeguinOutput IPv6 addresses
2016-02-20 Zachary SeguinAdded hydrazine to hosts
2015-12-16 Zachary SeguinUpdated list of hosts to include potassium-benzoate
2015-11-21 Zachary SeguinInitial commit