Updates for squeeze
[public/libpam-csc.git] / debian / changelog
2010-10-13 Michael SpangUpdates for squeeze libpam-csc-1.9
2008-04-15 David Bartleylibpam-csc 1.8 debian/1.8 libpam-csc-1.8
2008-01-18 David Bartleylibpam-csc 1.7 libpam-csc-1.7
2007-12-20 Michael SpangAdd nonMemberTerm support
2007-10-30 David BartleyCheck for correct uid range libpam-csc-1.5
2007-10-14 David BartleyCheck that conv and conv->conv are non-null (fixes... libpam-csc-1.4
2007-08-10 David BartleyAdded allowed usernames check libpam-csc-1.3
2007-08-08 David BartleyOptimized querying by using single query and using... libpam-csc-1.2
2007-07-23 David BartleyRemoved hardcoding of URI. libpam-csc-1.1
2007-07-06 David BartleyInitial checkin. libpam-csc-1.0