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2017-12-27 Patrick MelansonTweaked exception handling, specifically small screen...
2017-07-29 Patrick MelansonQuality-of-life improvements to email reminders.
2017-02-04 Charlie WangRefactor email reminder code
2016-03-13 Felix BauckholtCategorizing and uncategorizing based on selection
2014-10-19 Gianni GambettiFixed category sorting for books ('c' on a book), found...
2013-12-16 John LadanA couple of TODOs added
2013-11-28 John Ladanadded checkout functionality to db + some cleanup
2013-11-09 Christopher HawthorneMerging changes to
2013-11-09 Christopher HawthorneAdded permission checking. Added unit tests for the...
2013-10-25 jladanUpdated TODO to match current state
2013-10-23 John LadanAdded todo item for search error.
2013-10-23 John LadanCleaned files, started to follow naming convention
2013-10-12 John Ladanfixed some bugs
2013-10-08 John LadanChanged the database layer to be more sensible
2012-06-24 John Ladanmore todo
2012-06-24 John LadanAdded feature to TODO
2012-06-15 John Ladanadded some desired features
2012-06-15 John Ladanadded lookup by lccn