deletion of categories now supported
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2012-03-27 John Ladandeletion of categories now supported
2012-03-27 John LadandbLayer improvements
2012-03-27 John Ladanmade getCategories more like getBooks (need id as well)
2012-03-25 John Ladancan now add categories from the category viewer
2012-03-22 John Ladanoops, forgot to check first
2012-03-22 John Ladanmore dbLayer category additions
2012-03-22 John Ladanadded some database stuff for categories
2012-03-20 John Ladanupdating from browser works now
2012-03-19 John Ladanbrowser window started
2012-03-19 John Ladandb update, delete, getBooks should work
2012-03-19 John LadanBetter name for db module