We're basically functional now
[public/library.git] / librarian.py
2012-03-20 John LadanWe're basically functional now
2012-03-20 John Ladanstarted objectifying add/update/view book form
2012-03-20 John Ladanbrowser has scrolling now
2012-03-20 John Ladanbrowser window displays properly
2012-03-19 John LadanBetter name for db module
2012-03-17 John Ladannow adds books to database
2012-03-17 John Ladanpgup, pgdn support, and returns a book thing
2012-03-17 John Ladanbackspace and typing working now
2012-03-17 John Ladancharacters can now be inserted into form fields.
2012-03-16 John Ladanleft and right keys implemented in the form
2012-03-15 John Ladanadded exit function
2012-03-15 John LadanExtensive progress on add/update form
2012-03-15 John LadanRevert "More work on book data form."
2012-03-15 John LadanMore work on book data form.
2012-03-14 John LadanMore work on book data form.
2012-03-10 John LadanPlaceholders for library functions
2012-03-10 John LadanNow working on actual librarian