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2019-04-26 Charlie WangPackage for bionic master
2018-04-15 Zachary SeguinPackage for stretch, buster and xenial
2017-12-27 Patrick MelansonTweaked exception handling, specifically small screen...
2017-09-23 Patrick MelansonUse currently-logged-in user to authenticate for mass...
2017-07-29 Patrick MelansonQuality-of-life improvements to email reminders.
2017-02-04 Charlie WangRefactor email reminder code
2017-02-04 Connor MurphyAdded ability for libcom to send emails to those with...
2017-02-04 Charlie Wanguse default colour values for better integration
2017-01-21 Zachary SeguinBuild for stretch
2016-03-19 Felix BauckholtSlight changes to make adding books more pleasant
2016-03-13 Felix BauckholtCategorizing and uncategorizing based on selection
2016-02-20 Zachary SeguinFix issue where python packages are installed in the...
2016-02-20 Felix BauckholtFirst release!
2016-02-06 Felix BauckholtButton-only forms, including BookView
2016-02-06 Felix BauckholtAdded error messages for the checkout process
2016-02-06 Felix BauckholtUI improvements
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