Apply s455wang patch: 0002-update-all-office-machines.patch
[public/packages.git] / nodes.ia
2015-11-11 Jordan PrydeApply s455wang patch: 0002-update-all-office-machines...
2015-11-11 Jordan PrydeApply s455wang patch: 0001-remove-webcam-update-quantal...
2015-11-11 Jordan PrydeChange corn-syrup to stretch
2015-10-24 Jordan Prydechanged hfcs to jessie
2015-10-24 Zachary SeguinUpdated OS of auth1; Added auth2 as a clone of auth1
2014-08-27 Sean HuntLots of updates to servers.
2014-07-29 Sean HuntInstall gwem, fix pulseaudio conflict.
2014-07-27 Sean HuntUpdate for trusty.
2014-01-12 Jeremy Romanmore upgrades for jessie
2014-01-12 Jeremy Romannvidia
2014-01-12 Jeremy Romanclean out more old distros
2013-09-05 rootadd auth1 container
2013-05-14 Owen Smithmark nullsleep as a server, because its closer to that...
2013-05-14 Owen Smithnullsleep's drive was feeling wheezy, so we wiped it...
2013-05-14 Owen Smiththe office is slightly less precise
2013-05-14 Owen Smithget me some of that quantal, only 6 months late
2012-09-12 Jeremy Romanmove caffeine mta to mail
2012-05-14 Michael SpangMerge remote branch 'public/master'
2012-04-25 Jeremy RomanMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/public/packages
2012-04-25 Jeremy Romana-f is an MTA too
2012-04-25 Jeremy Romanwebcam profile
2012-04-24 Jeremy Romanit shall be precise from now on
2012-04-21 Jeremy Romanhigh-fructose-corn-syrup
2012-03-19 Jeremy Romancleaning up with pbarfuss
2012-03-16 Jeremy Romangwem
2012-03-15 Jeremy Romanfix bit-shifter on oneiric
2012-03-15 Jeremy Romanat least work on oneiric -- maybe streamline later
2011-09-11 Michael Spangblah
2011-07-25 Michael SpangUpdates
2011-05-10 Michael Spangm
2011-05-03 Michael SpangNatty
2011-04-26 Michael SpangVarious updates
2011-03-21 Michael SpangUpdates
2011-03-15 Michael SpangAll kinds of updates
2011-03-12 Michael SpangMore updates
2011-03-12 Michael SpangMerge branch 'master' of csclub:projects/packages
2011-03-09 Michael SpangUpdates
2011-03-09 Michael SpangUpdates
2011-03-09 Michael SpangMore updates
2011-03-07 Michael SpangSome random updates
2011-02-20 Michael SpangMore squeeze updates
2011-02-19 Michael SpangMore squeeze
2010-12-12 Michael SpangCheck in changes
2010-10-06 Michael SpangUpdate for squeeze
2010-10-05 Michael SpangMore cmclub stuff
2010-10-05 Michael SpangFix pop-tarts arch
2010-10-05 Michael SpangUpdate for cmclub
2010-07-11 Michael SpangFixes for lucid and several more packages
2010-07-11 Michael SpangUse new disjunction syntax
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall devel-core on sodium-citrate
2010-07-11 Michael SpangSort the nodes file
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall stuff on corn-syrup
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall even more stuff
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall more stuff
2010-07-11 Michael SpangAdd server profile
2010-07-11 Michael SpangUse profiles for everything
2010-07-11 Michael SpangAdd more nodes
2010-07-11 Michael SpangAdd separate nodes file