Some random updates
[public/packages.git] / packages.ia
2011-03-07 Michael SpangSome random updates
2011-02-20 Michael SpangMore squeeze updates
2011-02-19 Michael SpangMore squeeze
2010-12-14 Michael SpangReorganize
2010-12-12 Michael SpangCheck in changes
2010-10-06 Michael SpangAdd bchunk
2010-10-06 Michael SpangUpdate for squeeze
2010-10-05 Michael SpangMore cmclub stuff
2010-10-05 Michael SpangRemove lirc
2010-10-05 Michael SpangUpdate for cmclub
2010-08-22 Michael SpangAdd fdupes
2010-07-12 Michael SpangAdd AVR toolchain
2010-07-11 Michael SpangFix for lucid
2010-07-11 Michael SpangAdd a billion parser generators
2010-07-11 Michael SpangAdd xppaut
2010-07-11 Michael SpangFixes for lucid and several more packages
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall makepasswd
2010-07-11 Michael SpangFormatting
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall gcc-multilib more places
2010-07-11 Michael SpangRemove duplicate packages
2010-07-11 Michael SpangStop removing hal and fam when run with no profiles
2010-07-11 Michael SpangSwitch to new conditional syntax
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall acct
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall arptables
2010-07-11 Michael SpangReorganize development packages
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall devel-core on sodium-citrate
2010-07-11 Michael SpangRemove evolution-data-server
2010-07-11 Michael SpangFix stuff on karmic and lenny
2010-07-11 Michael SpangSort the nodes file
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall stuff on corn-syrup
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall fail2ban
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall even more stuff
2010-07-11 Michael SpangInstall more stuff
2010-07-11 Michael SpangFix syntax error
2010-07-11 Michael SpangReorder stuff
2010-07-11 Michael SpangUse profiles for everything
2010-07-11 Michael SpangRemove bf
2009-12-23 Michael SpangUse alternates
2009-12-23 Michael SpangUse negated predicates
2009-12-23 Michael SpangUse inline predicates
2009-12-23 Michael SpangComment packages broken on sparc
2009-12-23 Michael SpangMake fonts conditional on X profile
2009-12-23 Michael SpangRemove packages missing from lenny
2009-12-23 Michael SpangMake X packages require the X profile
2009-12-23 Michael SpangReformat for multiple packages per line
2009-12-23 Michael SpangUncomment conditional stuff
2009-12-23 Michael SpangRemove packages broken on amd64
2009-12-23 Michael SpangFix nonexistant and renamed packages
2009-12-23 Michael SpangAdd packages from old puppet manifests
2009-12-23 Michael SpangInitial import