descriptionCSC Package List
last changeThu, 12 Nov 2015 06:48:56 +0000 (01:48 -0500)
2015-11-12 Jordan PrydeAdd stretch as a supported version and change packages... master
2015-11-11 Jordan PrydeApply s455wang patch: 0003-update-lists-removing-nonexi...
2015-11-11 Jordan PrydeApply s455wang patch: 0002-update-all-office-machines...
2015-11-11 Jordan PrydeApply s455wang patch: 0001-remove-webcam-update-quantal...
2015-11-11 Jordan PrydeChange corn-syrup to stretch
2015-10-24 Zachary SeguinDon't remove udev on jessie containers as this tries...
2015-10-24 Jordan Prydechanged hfcs to jessie
2015-10-24 Zachary SeguinUpdated OS of auth1; Added auth2 as a clone of auth1
2015-02-28 Gianni GambettiAdding README to explain inapt and packages
2015-02-26 Gianni Gambettiadding math dev libraries + associated tools
2015-01-21 Gianni GambettiAdding i3 window manager by request
2014-08-27 Sean HuntUse subset of TeX for low-space machines
2014-08-27 Sean HuntCorrect for jessie repositories.
2014-08-27 Sean HuntLots of updates to servers.
2014-07-29 Sean HuntInstall gwem, fix pulseaudio conflict.
2014-07-27 Sean HuntAdd pulseaudio to the config for office terminals.
4 years ago master