Fix some indenting
[public/pos.git] / database / log.cpp
2011-11-11 Jacob Parkerabstracted creating a log. added "ADDUPC" records
2011-11-10 Jacob Parkertime should be pretty printed unformated. no need to...
2011-11-10 Jacob ParkerMerge /users/m4burns/pos
2011-11-10 Jacob Parkerupc and sha1 pretty print properly now
2011-11-10 Jacob ParkerMerge /users/m4burns/pos
2011-11-10 Jacob Parkerpretty printing of log
2011-11-09 Marc BurnsInitial database, tested lightly.
2011-11-08 Marc BurnsAdd database API and logic.
2011-11-08 Marc BurnsSplit log class into header and impl.
2011-11-08 Marc Burnsmore work on database, initial log reader/writer finished.
2011-11-05 Marc Burnsdata structures for pos log