2012-11-21 Marc BurnsUnsigned. master
2012-11-21 Owen Smithjson server for js
2012-11-21 Marc BurnsFix character range in salts, just for JavaScript.
2012-11-20 Owen Smithmake things work mostly
2012-11-20 Owen Smithdelete heaped thinger
2012-11-20 Owen Smithread from config file probably maybe
2012-11-20 Owen Smithuse salt store in posbookie
2012-11-20 Owen SmithDbIf uses SaltStore
2012-11-20 Owen Smithbreaking out the salt storing functionality so i can...
2012-11-20 Owen Smithsome actual auth with the server and stuff
2012-11-20 Owen Smithuh, a kinda implementation
2012-11-19 Marc BurnsAdd intermediate layer. Ugh.
2012-11-19 Marc BurnsUpdate code to work with thrift 0.9.x.
2011-11-19 Marc BurnsFix dropping of sale amount.
2011-11-19 Jacob ParkerUPCs are now uint64_t. client has a full purchasing...
2011-11-19 Jacob Parkerchanged a file name
2011-11-11 Marc BurnsFix some indenting
2011-11-11 Jacob Parkermakefile typo
2011-11-11 Jacob Parkera bit more in client before before i finish for the...
2011-11-11 Jacob ParkerMerge /users/m4burns/pos
2011-11-11 Jacob Parkerstarting some test client code, minor changes
2011-11-11 Marc BurnsNonblocking server, makefile typo fix.
2011-11-11 Marc BurnsMakefile.
2011-11-11 Marc BurnsInitial client. Thrift-generated code.
2011-11-11 Jacob Parkerabstracted creating a log. added "ADDUPC" records
2011-11-10 Jacob Parkertime should be pretty printed unformated. no need to...
2011-11-10 Jacob ParkerMerge /users/m4burns/pos
2011-11-10 Jacob Parkerupc and sha1 pretty print properly now
2011-11-10 Marc BurnsConfig file reader, database interface, thrift file.
2011-11-10 Jacob Parkerfixing warnings in sha1 code
2011-11-10 Jacob ParkerMerge /users/m4burns/pos
2011-11-10 Jacob Parkerpretty printing of log
2011-11-10 Marc Burnsto/fromHex for SHA1Hash. Fix up sha1 handling in db.
2011-11-10 Jacob Parkerget/set prices for items
2011-11-09 Marc BurnsInitial database, tested lightly.
2011-11-08 Marc BurnsAdd database API and logic.
2011-11-08 Marc BurnsSplit log class into header and impl.
2011-11-08 Marc Burnsmore work on database, initial log reader/writer finished.
2011-11-05 Marc Burnsdata structures for pos log
2011-08-12 Jacob ParkerFixed backface culling/blender mesh.
2011-08-12 Marc BurnsTexturing. Mmm, coke.
2011-08-12 Jacob Parkerwhoops
2011-08-12 Jacob Parkerinitial commit