Silence pychecker and pylint warnings
[public/pyceo-broken.git] / pylib / csc / apps / urwid /
2007-12-10 Michael SpangSilence pychecker and pylint warnings
2007-12-10 Michael SpangUse addmember and addclub in the GUI to add accounts
2007-12-10 Michael SpangAllow starting from again
2007-12-10 David BartleyFix spelling errors
2007-12-10 Michael SpangPrompt for "UWuserid" instead of "UWdir ID"
2007-12-03 David BartleyFix seteuid magic
2007-11-28 David BartleyOffice staff can modify office staff
2007-11-28 David BartleyNew ceo 0.3.3 release
2007-11-28 David BartleyRestrict non-club modifications to syscom
2007-11-28 David BartleyConnect on startup
2007-11-28 David BartleyAdd group/club management
2007-11-28 David BartleyCheck for invalid usernames in positions page
2007-11-15 David BartleyComplete group and position management
2007-11-14 David BartleyImprove group search
2007-11-14 David BartleyAdd line before back on group lists
2007-11-14 David BartleyMake back window of first wizard pane work
2007-11-14 David BartleyAdd preliminary group management functions
2007-11-11 David BartleyLookup name and program based on uwdir id
2007-10-05 Michael SpangAdd create club account menu item
2007-09-25 Michael SpangClear status in pop_window()
2007-09-25 Michael SpangAdd experimental urwid-based GUI