Fix CEO group add for rfc2307bis
[public/pyceo-broken.git] / pylib / csc / backends /
2007-11-14 Michael SpangFix CEO group add for rfc2307bis
2007-09-16 Michael SpangRip out studentid support
2007-02-19 Michael SpangMerge branch 'ldap'
2007-02-19 Michael SpangPgSQL to LDAP transition - Phase 1: Added LDAP support...
2007-02-15 Michael SpangImproved error handling in LDAP module.
2007-02-14 Michael SpangUpdated LDAP backend tests.
2007-01-28 Michael SpangNew release (version 0.2). v0.2
2007-01-27 Michael SpangMoved files into their new locations prior to commit...