Switch from SCTP to TCP
[public/pyceo-broken.git] / src / dslave.c
2009-11-01 Michael SpangSwitch from SCTP to TCP
2009-10-24 Michael SpangEncrypt all post-auth ceoc<->ceod communication
2009-09-10 Michael SpangFix segfault
2009-09-10 Michael SpangAdd mysql database stuff
2009-09-08 Michael SpangFix deadlock bug when daemonizing
2009-07-30 Michael SpangMerge commit 'ceod'
2009-07-29 Michael SpangMerge commit 'public/master' into ceod
2009-07-25 Michael SpangFail op handling if unathenticated
2009-01-31 Michael SpangFree everything before exiting
2009-01-31 Michael SpangAdd ceod