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[public/www-new.git] / pub / qdb / src / locales / en-US.ini
1 [properties]\r
2 full_name=U.S. English\r
3 author_name=Tim De Pauw\r
5 author_uri=\r
6 version=0.3\r
7 chirpy_version=0.3\r
8 \r
9 [strings]\r
10 error_title=An Error Occurred\r
11 quote_browser=Quote Browser\r
12 random_quotes=Random Quotes\r
13 view_quote=View Quote\r
14 top_quotes=Top Quotes\r
15 bottom_quotes=Bottom Quotes\r
16 quotes_of_the_week=Quotes of the Week\r
17 search_for_quotes=Search for Quotes\r
18 tag_cloud=Tag Cloud\r
19 statistics=Statistics\r
20 administration=Administration\r
21 welcome=Welcome\r
22 edit_quote=Edit Quote\r
23 remove_quote=Remove Quote\r
24 latest_news=Latest News\r
25 unknown_action=The requested action is unknown.\r
26 no_quotes=There do not appear to be any quotes to display.\r
27 quote_browser_description=Browse Quotes\r
28 quote_browser_short_title=Browse\r
29 random_quotes_description=View Random Quotes\r
30 random_quotes_short_title=Random\r
31 top_quotes_description=View Highest Rated Quotes\r
32 top_quotes_short_title=Top\r
33 bottom_quotes_description=View Lowest Rated Quotes\r
34 bottom_quotes_short_title=Bottom\r
35 quotes_of_the_week_description=View Quotes of the Week\r
36 quotes_of_the_week_short_title=QotW\r
37 quote_search_description=Search for Quotes\r
38 quote_search_short_title=Search\r
39 tag_cloud_description=View Tag Usage\r
40 tag_cloud_short_title=Tags\r
41 statistics_description=View Statistics\r
42 statistics_short_title=Stats\r
43 quote_count_by_date=Number of Quotes per Day\r
44 quote_count_by_hour=Number of Quotes per Hour\r
45 quote_count_by_month=Number of Quotes per Month\r
46 quote_count_by_day=Number of Quotes per Day of the Month\r
47 quote_count_by_weekday=Number of Quotes per Weekday\r
48 quote_count_by_rating=Number of Quotes per Rating\r
49 quote_count_by_vote_count=Number of Quotes per Number of Votes\r
50 vote_count_by_rating=Number of Votes per Rating\r
51 submit_quote_description=Submit New Quote\r
52 submit_quote_short_title=Submit\r
53 moderation_queue_description=View Unmoderated Quotes\r
54 moderation_queue_short_title=Queue\r
55 administration_description=Administrative Interface\r
56 administration_short_title=Admin\r
57 login_description=Authenticate by User Account\r
58 login_short_title=Log In\r
59 logout_description=Clear Authentication Data\r
60 logout_short_title=Log Out\r
61 quote_title=Quote %1%\r
62 quote_report_description=Report Quote\r
63 quote_rating_up_description=Quote Rating Up\r
64 quote_rating_down_description=Quote Rating Down\r
65 quote_report_confirmation_request=Are you sure you would like to report the following quote?\r
66 quote_rating_up_confirmation_request=Are you sure you would like to increase the rating of the following quote?\r
67 quote_rating_down_confirmation_request=Are you sure you would like to decrease the rating of the following quote?\r
68 quote_rating_description=Quote Rating\r
69 quote_vote_count_description=Quote Vote Count\r
70 quote_date_description=Quote Submission Date\r
71 quote_edit_description=Edit Quote\r
72 quote_remove_description=Remove Quote\r
73 quote_notes_title=Notes:\r
74 quote_tags_title=Tags:\r
75 search_query_title=Find:\r
76 search_button_label=Go!\r
77 search_results=Search Results\r
78 submit_quote=Submit Quote\r
79 unmoderated_quotes=Unmoderated Quotes\r
80 submission_title=Enter your quote in this field:\r
81 notes_title=Enter additional information about the quote, if any:\r
82 tags_title=Enter some relevant tags for the quote:\r
83 submit_button_label=Submit Quote for Approval\r
84 submit_button_label_no_approval=Add Quote to Database\r
85 quote_submitted=Quote Submitted\r
86 quote_submitted_no_approval=Quote Added\r
87 quote_submission_thanks=Thank you for submitting a quote to our database. A site administrator will review it shortly. If it gets approved, it will appear on this web site. Fingers crossed!\r
88 quote_submission_thanks_no_approval=Thank you for submitting a quote to our database. Because you are a site administrator, your quote does not need to be approved before it appears on the web site.\r
89 approve_quotes=Approve Quotes\r
90 flagged_quotes=Flagged Quotes\r
91 manage_news=Manage News\r
92 manage_quotes=Manage Quotes\r
93 add_news=Add News\r
94 edit_news=Edit News\r
95 remove_news=Remove News\r
96 manage_accounts=Manage Accounts\r
97 view_event_log=View Event Log\r
98 no_unapproved_quotes=No quotes are currently awaiting approval.\r
99 no_flagged_quotes=No quotes are currently flagged.\r
100 quote_rating_up_short_title=Up\r
101 quote_rating_down_short_title=Down\r
102 report_quote_short_title=Report\r
103 edit=Edit\r
104 remove=Remove\r
105 unflag=Unflag\r
106 flagged=Flagged\r
107 quote_removal_confirmation=Are you sure you would like to remove this quote?\r
108 news_removal_confirmation=Are you sure you would like to remove this news item?\r
109 quote_rating_increased=Quote Rating Increased\r
110 quote_rating_decreased=Quote Rating Decreased\r
111 quote_rating_thanks=Your vote has been processed. Thank you for your input!\r
112 quote_reported=Quote Flagged\r
113 quote_report_thanks=Thank you for reporting the quote. A site administrator will review your report shortly.\r
114 quote_already_rated=You have already rated this quote. You cannot rate the same quote twice.\r
115 quote_rating_limit_exceeded=You have exceeded the maximum number of votes allowed. This system maximally allows %1% vote(s) every %2% seconds.\r
116 login_title=Please Log In\r
117 invalid_login_title=Invalid Login\r
118 username_title=User Name:\r
119 password_title=Password:\r
120 login_button_label=Log In\r
121 invalid_login_instructions=We were unable to log you in using the given credentials. Note that while your user name is not case sensitive, your password is. Please try to log in again.\r
122 logged_in_as=You are currently logged in as %1% (%2%).\r
123 change_password=Change Password\r
124 processing=Processing\r
125 timed_out=Timed Out\r
126 none=None\r
127 error=Error\r
128 no_search_results=No Results\r
129 no_search_results_text=Unfortunately, your search did not return any results.\r
130 quote_not_found=Quote Not Found\r
131 quote_not_found_text=The quote you requested does not exist in the database. You might want to try the search feature instead.\r
132 rated_quote_not_found_text=The quote you attempted to rate could not be found in the database.\r
133 reported_quote_not_found_text=The quote you attempted to report could not be found in the database.\r
134 user_level_3=Moderator\r
135 user_level_6=Administrator\r
136 user_level_9=Owner\r
137 password_changed=Password Changed\r
138 password_changed_text=Your password was successfully modified. Make sure you keep it in a safe place!\r
139 current_password_title=Current Password:\r
140 new_password_title=New Password:\r
141 repeat_new_password_title=Repeat New Password:\r
142 change_password_button_label=Change Password\r
143 change_password_current_password_invalid_text=The password you have entered is not your current password.\r
144 change_password_new_password_invalid_text=The new password you have entered is invalid.\r
145 change_password_passwords_differ_text=The passwords you have entered do not match. Please make sure you enter the same password twice.\r
146 do_nothing=Do Nothing\r
147 approve_unapproved_quote=Approve Quote\r
148 discard_unapproved_quote=Discard Quote\r
149 approve_all_unapproved_quotes=Approve All\r
150 approve_all_unapproved_quotes_confirm=Are you sure you would like to approve all unapproved quotes?\r
151 discard_all_unapproved_quotes=Discard All\r
152 discard_all_unapproved_quotes_confirm=Are you sure you would like to discard all unapproved quotes?\r
153 update_database=Update Database\r
154 reset_form=Reset Form\r
155 keep_flagged_quote=Keep Quote\r
156 remove_flagged_quote=Remove Quote\r
157 keep_all_flagged_quotes=Keep All\r
158 keep_all_flagged_quotes_confirm=Are you sure you would like to keep all flagged quotes?\r
159 remove_all_flagged_quotes=Remove All\r
160 remove_all_flagged_quotes_confirm=Are you sure you would like to remove all flagged quotes?\r
161 quote_removed=The selected quote was successfully removed from the database.\r
162 quote_to_edit_not_found=The selected quote could not be found. Perhaps it had already been removed or you entered an invalid ID.\r
163 quote_to_remove_not_found=The selected quote could not be found. Perhaps it has been removed or you entered an invalid ID.\r
164 quote_modified=The selected quote was successfully updated.\r
165 quote_id_title=Quote ID:\r
166 save_quote=Save Quote\r
167 go=Go\r
168 news_item_added=Your news post was successfully added to the database.\r
169 news_item_modified=The selected news item was successfully updated.\r
170 news_item_to_edit_not_found=The selected news item could not be found. Perhaps it has been removed or you entered an invalid ID.\r
171 news_item_removed=The selected news item was successfully removed from the database.\r
172 news_item_to_remove_not_found=The selected news item could not be found. Perhaps it had already been removed.\r
173 new_news_item_title=New News Item:\r
174 add_news_item=Add News Item\r
175 news_poster_title=Poster:\r
176 save_news_item=Save News Item\r
177 account_to_modify_not_found=Please select the account you would like to modify.\r
178 account_to_remove_not_found=Please select the account you would like to remove.\r
179 last_owner_account_removal_error=Must have at least one Owner account.\r
180 modified_account_information_required=Please enter the new data for the account to modify.\r
181 invalid_username=The user name you entered is invalid.\r
182 username_exists=A user already exists by that name.\r
183 invalid_password=The password you entered is invalid.\r
184 different_passwords=The passwords do not match. Please make sure you enter the same password twice.\r
185 invalid_user_level=The user level you selected is invalid.\r
186 account_removed=The selected account has been removed.\r
187 account_modified=The account has been updated.\r
188 account_created=The new account has been created.\r
189 new_account=New Account\r
190 new_username_title=New User Name:\r
191 new_password_title=New Password:\r
192 repeat_new_password_title=Repeat Password:\r
193 new_user_level_title=New User Level:\r
194 update_accounts=Update Accounts\r
195 remove_account=Remove Account\r
196 no_change=No Change\r
197 unknown=Unknown\r
198 account_removal_confirmation=Are you sure you would like to remove the selected account? This cannot be undone.\r
199 insufficient_administrative_privileges=You are not authorized to use this component because your administrative privileges are insufficient.\r
200 no_tagged_quotes=There do not appear to be any quotes with tags.\r
201 statistics_unavailable=Statistics are currently unavailable.\r
202 tag_link_description=View Quotes Tagged %1%\r
203 update_available=Update Available\r
204 update_available_text=Chirpy! version %1% was released on %2%.\r
205 update_link_text=Click here for more information.\r
206 update_check_failed=Update Check Failed\r
207 update_check_failed_text=Chirpy! attempted to check for updates, but failed. The reported error was:\r
208 event_100_name=Login Success\r
209 event_101_name=Login Failure\r
210 event_102_name=Change Password\r
211 event_200_name=Add Quote\r
212 event_201_name=Edit Quote\r
213 event_202_name=Remove Quote\r
214 event_203_name=Quote Rating Up\r
215 event_204_name=Quote Rating Down\r
216 event_205_name=Report Quote\r
217 event_206_name=Approve Quote\r
218 event_207_name=Unflag Quote\r
219 event_300_name=Add News\r
220 event_301_name=Edit News\r
221 event_302_name=Remove News\r
222 event_400_name=Add Account\r
223 event_401_name=Edit Account\r
224 event_402_name=Remove Account\r
225 date=Date\r
226 username=Username\r
227 event=Event\r
228 guest=Guest\r
229 empty=Empty\r
230 ok=OK\r
231 cancel=Cancel\r
232 sunday=Sunday\r
233 monday=Monday\r
234 tuesday=Tuesday\r
235 wednesday=Wednesday\r
236 thursday=Thursday\r
237 friday=Friday\r
238 saturday=Saturday\r
239 january=January\r
240 february=February\r
241 march=March\r
242 april=April\r
243 may=May\r
244 june=June\r
245 july=July\r
246 august=August\r
247 september=September\r
248 october=October\r
249 november=November\r
250 december=December\r
251 january_short=Jan\r
252 february_short=Feb\r
253 march_short=Mar\r
254 april_short=Apr\r
255 may_short=May\r
256 june_short=Jun\r
257 july_short=Jul\r
258 august_short=Aug\r
259 september_short=Sep\r
260 october_short=Oct\r
261 november_short=Nov\r
262 december_short=Dec\r
263 webapp.start_page_description=Start Page\r
264 webapp.start_page_short_title=Home\r
265 webapp.next_page_title=Next Page\r
266 webapp.previous_page_title=Previous Page\r
267 webapp.current_page_title=Current Page\r
268 webapp.quote_link_description=Permanent Link to Quote\r
269 webapp.footer_text=This page was generated in %1% ms by %2%.\r
270 webapp.footer_text_no_time=This site is powered by %1%.\r
271 webapp.manage_quote_instructions=To edit or remove a quote, just browse to it while logged in. You will then see the appropriate links next to it. Alternatively, if you know the ID of the quote you would like to edit, you can enter it below.\r
272 webapp.remove_quote_without_viewing_confirmation=Are you sure you would like to remove this quote without viewing it first? This operation cannot be undone and is NOT recommended.\r
273 webapp.manage_news_instructions=To edit or remove a news item, just open the home page while logged in. You will then see the appropriate links next to the items.\r
274 webapp.session_required=The action you are attempting to take requires that session information be set. This is done by offering a cookie to your browser. Unfortunately, it seems it has failed to accept this cookie. Please review your cookie settings and try again.\r
275 webapp.quote_rating_timed_out=The quote rating request timed out, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again.\r
276 webapp.captcha_code_label=Type the text you see in this image:\r
277 webapp.captcha_image_text=Captcha\r
278 webapp.minimum_tag_usage_count_title=Minimum Quotes:\r
279 webapp.top_quote_prefix=Top Quote:\r
280 webapp.bottom_quote_prefix=Bottom Quote:\r
281 webapp.latest_quote_prefix=Latest Quote:\r
282 webapp.latest_unmoderated_quote_prefix=Latest Unmoderated Quote:\r