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2006-07-21 Holden Karauevents
2006-07-21 Holden KarauMore events
2006-07-19 Holden KarauHave room for tommorows talks now
2006-07-19 Holden KarauYarr!
2006-07-19 Holden Karaumodified alberts talk
2006-07-18 Holden Karauadded albert's talk
2006-07-18 WebmasterYarr!
2006-07-17 Holden Karaumidnight alpha madness
2006-07-17 Holden KarauYarr new stuff for lads
2006-07-14 Holden Karauupdated time & location
2006-07-13 Webmasterfixed short
2006-07-13 Holden Karauadded simon woodsides talk
2006-07-07 Simon LawFixing the abstract of my own talk.
2006-07-06 Webmasteroops
2006-07-06 Holden KarauAdded Mr.Law's talk
2006-06-22 Holden Karaulink from rico event to download
2006-06-16 Holden KarauNew location
2006-06-16 Holden Karauchanged time
2006-06-15 Holden Karau...
2006-06-15 Holden Karaulink to beta site
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2006-06-15 Holden KarauAdded general meeting
2006-06-01 Holden Karaucheetesoc:
2006-06-01 Holden Karaurandom
2006-05-25 Holden Karaurico's talk location is now known
2006-05-16 Holden KarauAdded events
2006-05-10 Holden Karauoops
2006-05-10 Holden KarauAdded events.
2006-05-07 Michael Biggsadded Elections: Spring 2k6.
2006-03-01 Holden Karauclarified
2006-03-01 Holden Karauoops
2006-03-01 Holden KarauAdded larry smiths talk
2006-02-01 Dmitry DenisenkovFixed date
2006-02-01 Dmitry DenisenkovAdded Pints with Profs event for Feb 9
2005-11-25 Holden Karaupats
2005-11-25 Holden Karauevent
2005-09-29 Holden Karaupants
2005-06-07 Michael BiggsFixed Prabhaks' talk room; MC 4022 is the MUO. o_o
2005-06-04 Holden Karau*** empty log message ***
2005-06-02 Holden Karaufixed the time. oops
2005-06-02 Holden Karauoops, fixed bug
2005-05-28 Holden Karaupants
2005-05-28 Holden Karauupdate
2005-05-28 Holden Karaufixed xml bug
2005-05-28 Holden Karauadded two talks
2005-03-11 Michael BiggsAdded event: Oh No! More Lemmings Day!
2005-01-29 Holden Karauadded unix102
2005-01-24 Holden KarauAdded UNIX101 to CSC events
2005-01-04 Michael BiggsAdded Elections for Winter 2005
2004-12-08 Holden KarauAdded the CTRL-D to the event list.
2004-12-01 Holden KarauAdded the talk by Prof Therese Biedl
2004-11-23 Holden KarauAdded the Eclipse event
2004-11-18 James PerryFixed error in events.
2004-11-18 James PerryAdded GracefulTavi event.
2004-11-11 Holden KarauAdded live action lemmings , for massive fun :-)
2004-11-11 Holden Karaufixed some spelling (everone to everyone) on lemmings...
2004-11-11 Holden Karaudamm lemmings :-)
2004-11-11 Holden Karau*** empty log message ***
2004-11-11 Holden KarauFixed Lemmings :-)
2004-11-11 Holden KarauAdded Lemmings Day to event page
2004-10-23 James PerryProgramming contest stuff
2004-10-06 James PerryFixed bugs in events.xml and news.xml
2004-10-02 Tor MyklebustAdded UNIX tutorials to events section.
2004-09-15 Michael BiggsAdded elections note.
2004-07-21 Zack Nicholsadded event - Jonathan Buss Talk
2004-07-16 Michael BiggsFixup of Case Modding Workshop entry
2004-07-16 Michael BiggsAdded the Case Modding Workshop!
2004-06-15 Michael BiggsAdded Richard Mann's talk.
2004-05-20 Michael BiggsAdded the Larry Smith talk
2004-05-03 Michael BiggsAdded event: CSC elections (Spring 2004)
2004-03-25 Michael BiggsAdded a talk: LaTeXing your work report, by Simon Law
2004-03-18 Michael BiggsAdded Pints with Profs.
2004-03-12 Michael BiggsAdded some talks.
2004-02-28 Filip SpacekTalk by Simon Law.
2004-02-10 Simon LawMore events.
2004-02-02 Simon LawFix spelling error.
2004-02-02 Simon LawWe have a room number for the constitutional change.
2004-01-29 Simon LawAdd constitutional change as an event.
2003-11-25 Stefanus Du Toitmaddog map
2003-11-19 Stefanus Du Toitupdate maddog room
2003-11-19 Stefanus Du Toitadded maddog event
2003-11-04 Stefanus Du ToitAdded PwP
2003-11-04 Stefanus Du ToitAdded PwP
2003-10-18 Simon LawAdd the .NET & Linux talk.
2003-10-12 Simon LawAdd Unix 103, Poster Team Meeting, and Sh talks.
2003-10-02 Stefanus Du ToitAdded UNIX 101
2003-09-30 Stefanus Du ToitAdded poster team event
2003-09-09 Gary SimmonsAdded Fall 2003 elections
2003-07-29 Simon LawFix ampersand.
2003-07-29 Simon LawAdd LaTeX work reports event.
2003-07-28 Gaelan D'costaAdded minutes for July 24th meeting.
2003-07-23 Simon LawAdd vi talk.
2003-07-17 Gaelan D'costaAdded Events Entry for Exec Meeting on July 24th -...
2003-07-14 James MorrisonMove the day of the sh talk
2003-07-09 James MorrisonAdd Jim Elliott's slides
2003-06-20 James MorrisonAdd siggraph video showing
2003-06-19 Gaelan D'costaAdded minutes to events page.
2003-06-19 James MorrisonI think I've gone commit happy
2003-06-19 James MorrisonMainframe talk is in MC2065