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2015-11-24 Daniel MarinAdded WiCS/CSC War Games Party
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2015-11-24 Patrick Melansona couple changes requested by kevin greer for his FOAM...
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2015-09-25 Daniel MarinAdded Fibernetics talk event
2015-09-19 Patrick Melansonadded cory doctorow get hype to events.xml
2015-09-17 Patrick Melansonfall 15 elections and csc-wics career panel events...
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2015-07-12 Patrick Melansonadded media page for mannr infrared talk
2015-07-08 Patrick Melansonrichard mann infra sound event
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2015-06-19 Keri Warradd WiCS and CSC go outside event
2015-06-10 Keri Warrsmall edit
2015-06-10 Keri Warradd UNIX 102 event
2015-06-10 Keri Warradd UNIX 102 event
2015-05-14 Gianni Gambettiby-elections for more positions
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2015-02-24 Patrick Melansonadded RSVP link to code 0 event
2015-02-24 Patrick MelansonI accidentally a word
2015-02-24 Patrick Melansonadded mtrberzi and mozilla tech talks event entries
2015-02-20 Patrick Melansonadded code 0 to events
2015-02-05 Patrick Melansonnewline removed so git will see a new commit and rebuil...
2015-01-28 Patrick Melansonminor change, but this time submitted on caffeine
2015-01-28 Patrick Melansonfixing up bad commits, added tbelaire and kaelbling...
2015-01-19 Franceschini LukeAdd Alex Tsay alumni tech talk.
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2014-11-24 Theo BelaireAdded Sean Hunt C++ ABI Talk