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2018-11-30 Neil Parikhadd CSC EOT event
2018-11-21 Uday BararAlt-tab timing update for F18
2018-11-21 Uday BararEvent details for F18 alt-tab
2018-11-14 Uday Bararnetplay talk news item and media entry
2018-10-25 Neil ParikhAdd gloves 101 event
2018-10-15 Neil ParikhAdd UNIX 101
2018-10-11 Neil ParikhAdd jane street talk and code party 0
2018-09-30 Neil ParikhAdd F18 Bonfire email
2018-07-16 Marc Normand MailhotProf Talk
2018-07-09 Marc Normand MailhotCTF
2018-06-28 Marc Normand MailhotAlt-Tab
2018-05-30 Marc Normand MailhotWiCS
2018-05-30 Marc Normand MailhotEvents
2018-05-22 Marc Normand MailhotCP0
2018-05-14 Patrick MelansonVery quick event for S18 elections, since they're happe...
2018-03-26 Charlie Wangadd alt-tab w18 and uncode party to events
2018-03-18 Charlie Wangadd Richard Mann prof talk
2018-03-09 Patrick Melansonadded maddog events so that he can get a hotel room
2018-02-04 Charlie Wangupdate abstract and room for interview prep event
2018-01-24 Patrick MelansonAdded W18 code party 0 and tentative tech interview...
2018-01-09 Jordan Prydefix date
2018-01-09 Jordan PrydeAdded W2018 elections
2017-11-28 Marc Normand MailhotAdd EOT
2017-11-23 Marc Normand MailhotAdd CTF Workshop
2017-11-15 Marc Normand MailhotFix
2017-11-13 Marc Normand MailhotFix time
2017-11-13 Marc Normand MailhotAdd 2 more events
2017-11-02 Tristan Glen HumeAdd Dave's talk
2017-11-02 Tristan Glen HumeAdd Alt+Tab
2017-10-30 Marc Normand MailhotApparently the website barfs on slashes in locations
2017-10-30 Marc Normand MailhotMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www
2017-10-30 Marc Normand MailhotAdd CSC/WiCS mixer
2017-10-10 Jordan PrydeChanged UNIX 101 room to MC3003
2017-10-09 Marc Normand MailhotFix time for UNIX 101
2017-10-05 Marc Normand MailhotAdd Unix 101
2017-10-02 Marc Normand Mailhottypos
2017-10-02 Marc Normand MailhotGoes Outside
2017-09-25 Marc Normand MailhotFix facts
2017-09-25 Marc Normand MailhotFix Title
2017-09-25 Marc Normand MailhotAdd Code Party 0
2017-09-17 Melissa TedescoFix term for elections
2017-09-17 Melissa TedescoAdd f2017 special elections event
2017-09-11 Felix BauckholtFall 2017 election
2017-07-20 Bo Zhao MoEnd of Term Party event
2017-07-16 Bo Zhao MoAlt-Tab S17
2017-07-12 Bo Zhao MoSpring cleaning event
2017-06-28 Bo Zhao Morenamed Goes Outside
2017-06-28 Bo Zhao MoGoing Out with CSC
2017-06-21 Bo Zhao MoCode Party 0
2017-06-14 Bo Zhao Mofixed typo
2017-06-14 Bo Zhao Momachine learning room
2017-06-14 Bo Zhao Momachine learning event
2017-05-26 Bo Zhao MoUnix 102
2017-05-05 Zachary SeguinAdd Spring 2017 elections
2017-04-03 Tristan Glen Humeadd room
2017-03-29 Tristan Glen Humecode part 1 w17
2017-03-22 Tristan Glen Humelist of Unix 201 topics
2017-03-20 Tristan Glen Humeadd room
2017-03-11 Tristan Glen Humeadd Unix 201
2017-03-06 Tristan Glen Humeadd room for Alt+Tab
2017-03-01 Tristan Glen Humeadd a talk
2017-03-01 Tristan Glen Humemove Alt+Tab to thursday
2017-02-13 Tristan Glen HumeFix Alt+Tab event
2017-02-13 Tristan Glen HumeFix Alt+Tab event
2017-02-13 Tristan Glen HumeAdd Alt+Tab event
2017-02-02 Tristan Glen Humefix abstract of code party
2017-02-02 Tristan Glen Humeadd room
2017-02-02 Tristan Glen Humecode party 0 separate abstract
2017-02-02 Tristan Glen Humedetails
2017-02-02 Tristan Glen Humeadd code party 0
2017-01-12 Bryan CouttsFixed date error in w2017 election abstract
2017-01-12 Bryan CouttsAdded w2017 election event
2016-12-05 Bryan CouttsAdded EOT event
2016-11-29 Bryan CouttsUpdated ALT+TAB descriptions
2016-11-29 Bryan CouttsUpdated ALT+TAB to include talk list
2016-11-29 Bryan CouttsMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/www/www
2016-11-29 Bryan CouttsAdded ALT+TAB
2016-11-27 Charlie Wangadd link to slides and sources for Edmund talk
2016-11-21 Bryan CouttsChanged Mann talk to 6:15
2016-11-21 Bryan CouttsAdded Edmund Noble member talk event
2016-11-15 Charlie Wangrelabel CoC links in News and add abstract to GM event
2016-11-14 Bryan Couttsadded richard mann prof talk
2016-11-10 Uday BararAdded news item for upcoming GM and fixed description...
2016-11-10 Uday Bararadded entries for upcoming events
2016-11-09 Bryan Couttsoops
2016-11-09 Bryan CouttsMerge branch 'master' of /users/git/www/www
2016-11-08 Bryan CouttsAdded UNIX 101 for f2016
2016-10-16 Patrick Melansonadded fem101 panel wheeee
2016-10-07 Bryan CouttsAdded WiCS/CSC Go Outside event
2016-10-03 Bryan CouttsAdded ehashman talk to events
2016-09-11 Zachary SeguinAdd Fall 2016 elections
2016-07-25 Melissa TedescoFixed event formatting
2016-07-25 Melissa TedescoAdd Richard Mann prof talk + EOT
2016-07-15 Melissa TedescoAdd Bill Cowan prof talk
2016-07-13 Melissa TedescoFix room for event
2016-07-12 Patrick MelansonNo Facebook 'byte -> bytes' typo here nosiree
2016-07-12 Melissa TedescoAdd prof talk by Gladimir Baranoski
2016-07-10 Melissa TedescoAdd wics/csc go outside event
2016-06-07 Melissa TedescoAdd event for scp talks
2016-05-30 Zachary SeguinChange times from 24hr to 12hr to resolve ICS file