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2007-09-19 Michael SpangI'm just trying to increase my commit count to catch...
2007-09-19 David BartleyLarge reorganization of the web site
2007-08-28 David BartleyCorrect double 'website' usage.
2007-07-23 David BartleyTrivial edit to test git-push.
2007-07-16 Michael SpangMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2007-07-14 David BartleyAdded mediaitem "buttons" attribute to conditionally...
2007-07-14 Michael SpangMerge branch 'master' of /users/www/www/
2007-07-13 David BartleyChanged all absolute paths in cscweb.xsl to relative...
2007-07-01 Michael SpangFix file permission brain damage.
2007-05-11 WebmasterElection news.
2007-03-18 Juti Noppornpitakadd site updated
2007-03-18 Juti NoppornpitakTesting
2007-01-14 WebmasterUpdated stuff
2006-02-25 Dmitry DenisenkovRemoved "New" website notice
2004-12-17 Simon LawUpdate the homepage to talk about users/, not u/.
2004-06-01 Michael BiggsChanged 'sysadmin' to 'systems-committee' on the main...
2004-04-10 Simon LawYou can't see a listing of webpages anymore.
2002-10-20 WebmasterAnother test
2002-10-20 WebmasterAdded beware. testing auto-update-on-commit
2002-10-19 Webmasters/the office/our office/
2002-10-19 WebmasterRemoved mention of office staff.
2002-08-10 WebmasterMore pointers to the old
2002-04-16 Stefanus Du ToitLots of stuff.
2002-04-14 Stefanus Du ToitSome fixups.
2002-03-11 Stefanus Du ToitInitial revision