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2007-07-20 Michael SpangAdd Q&A summary to RMS talk.
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2007-07-20 Michael SpangClarify RMS talk license.
2007-07-19 David BartleyAdded RMS ogg files.
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2007-07-13 David BartleyAdded "View" and "Download" sections to the media pages
2007-07-13 David BartleyUpdated gitweb link to point to gitweb.csclub
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2007-07-07 David BartleyFormatted mterry talk abstract.
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2007-07-07 David Bartleyblah2
2007-07-07 David Bartleyblah
2007-07-07 David BartleyAdded slides for mterry talk.
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2007-07-07 David BartleyAdded RMS talk details to media.
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2006-07-22 Webmasterdodododo
2006-07-22 Webmasterdododod
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2006-07-22 Holden KarauAdded eric laforest
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